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International Programs > Announcements > Trip to Morocco (May 24 to June 3, 2014)  

Announcements: Trip to Morocco (May 24 to June 3, 2014)


Trip to Morocco (May 24 to June 3, 2014) 



Mention the word Arab or Muslim and watch the jostling images spring to your mind. Some of these images are to gleaned from media consumption and the nature of its ready messages. What if you were presented with the opportunity to assume the role of an ethnographic researcher, an investigative journalist, and an explorer or culture and people? 


A faculty-led, short trip to Morocco is your chance to gain some first hand insight into Arabs and Muslim and to demystify what you have always held to be true of this race, culture and religion. If this sounds like the work of an anthropologist, you are half right. Anthropologists don’t have fun; you most certainly will.  


Trip Info


From the bustling street of Casablanca to the dynamic city of Rabat to the fabled medina of the old city of Fez, a UNESCO-designated world heritage site, explore the rich cultural geographic and religious diversity of Morocco. Meet with local students, scholars, artisans and merchants. Wander through the amazingly well-preserved Roman ruins, and admire the sunset over the spectacular dunes of the Sahara. Experience unique Berber culture and learn about Morocco’s motley cultural traditions. Journey through the stunning Atlas Mountains, and enjoy the pulsating scenes of Marrakech, an open air theatre where musicians, magicians, fortune tellers and snake charmers still exhibit their craft. Meet local educators, students and artisans who will share with you their experiences and perspectives as citizens living in a multifaceted kingdom. Check your preconceptions at JFK airport right before you board the plane and join us on this remarkable adventure!


Join us as we weave in and out of different centuries and immerse ourselves in a 24-hour-a-day study of the history, culture, politics, peoples and geography of this unique African country.


About Morocco


The Kingdom of Morocco is truly at the crossroads of the world. For thousands of years, its location at the northwest tip of Africa has allowed it to absorb elements of European, Sub-Saharan African, Muslim and Arab cultures in its quest for identity.  As a result, its culture, history, religion, art, and politics are a mélange that gives it uniqueness among nations. 


Nestled between two seas, Morocco is the crucible of civilizations and cultures; it is loaded with history that seems to constitute a kaleidoscope of human experiences. It offers educators and students a perfect setting for imparting cultural understanding, empathy towards others, a peace project, and a chance for a new East-West rapports and authentic dialogue. Such is the goal of the Morocco short-term, faculty-led program.


Contact the program leader, Mohamed Brahimi, at or 617-653-6580 to register.


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