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Frequently Asked Questions ~ Parents

1. What is Study Abroad?
2. What Study Abroad options are available to WSU students?
3. Why should students Study Abroad?
4. How can Study Abroad benefit students after graduation?
5. When can students Study Abroad?
6. What does it cost to Study Abroad?
7. Is it safe to Study Abroad?

1. What is Study Abroad?
Study Abroad offers students the opportunity to explore and gain a better understanding of other cultures throughout the world. Study Abroad experiences allow students to learn more about the language, culture and philosophy of others. In addition to the cultural element, studying abroad provides high-quality, high-impact classroom experiences.

2. What Study Abroad options are available to WSU students?
WSU students have the option to study abroad over school breaks, during the summer or for a full academic semester or year. There are four ways students can study abroad at WSU:

                        Faculty-Led Programs
                        Semester, Summer, or Academic Year Options
                        WSU Exchange & Partner Programs
                        National Student Exchange (NSE)

Studying abroad has increased in popularity over the last decade and continues to do so. WSU is committed to providing safe, affordable and worthwhile experiences for students of all majors.

3. Why should students Study Abroad?
As the world becomes increasingly more global, graduates are expected to have knowledge of cultures other than their own and be able to communicate in a culturally diverse setting. Having the opportunity to experience another culture first-hand is the best bridge to communication across barriers of customs, language, geography, and politics. An encounter with different values, educational methods, and foreign cultures increases students' adaptability and cultural sensitivity and their general understanding of the world.

4. How can Study Abroad benefit students after graduation?
Study Abroad is increasingly being recognized as an important tool in career development. Students not only benefit from personal and intellectual growth as well as greater independence and maturity, but they will also have a tangible experience that they can call upon in their professional lives. Whether students are pursuing a degree in education, health fields, the arts, sciences or another field, developing and awareness of and sensitivity to the global issues which will directly and indirectly influence all of our lives is important and will offer them a competitive edge in the work force. 

5. When can students Study Abroad?
Students can study abroad for a full semester or academic year or participate in a shorter program over summer, spring or winter break. Students of all grade levels are welcome to participate in WSU Faculty-Led Programs. Other programs require the student to have obtained a minimum of sophomore standing (30 credits). The WSU GPA requirements are 3.0 for Sophomores and 2.5 for Juniors and Seniors. These requirements may vary depending on the program and provider. Transfer students must complete at least one semester at WSU before being considered for a Study Abroad program.

6. What does it cost to Study Abroad?
Cost for study abroad programs vary widely depending on the program. Short-term Faculty-Led programs tend to be the most inexpensive options. WSU exchange and partner programs also allow students to go abroad in a cost-effective way. The cost of most full semester and academic year programs will be higher than the cost of tuition and fees at WSU.

However, there is institutional and outside scholarship money available.


Students should also take into account the cost living for the countries and specific cities that they are going to be studying in, and/or visiting.

Students should work with the WSU Office of Financial Aid early in the process to determine their award for their Study Abroad experience.    http://www.numbeo.com/cost-of-living/

7. Is it safe to Study Abroad?
By and large it is quite safe to Study Abroad. While there are certain risks inherent to international travel, WSU works to provide our students with a safe and positive international experience. Students receive extensive pre-departure information as well as in-country support. For more information please access our Useful & Practical Guidelines for Study Abroad.



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