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“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” – Mark Twain


“There will be two kinds of CEOs who will exist in the next five years; those who think globally and those who are unemployed.” – Peter Drucker

Live a dream
Learn by doing
Inspire a career
Open your mind
Defy convention
Challenge yourself
Celebrate diversity
Learn about yourself
Liven up your resume
Earn academic credits
Expand your horizons
Summon your courage
Experience personal growth
Become fluent in another language
Make lifelong friends and memories
Experience and understand a new culture

The International Programs Office at Worcester State University  invites you to an opportunity of a lifetime in Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, the Middle East, the South Pacific…almost  anywhere you’ve dreamed of going …


Useful Resources

Links for students considering Study Abroad: 

      Fulbright Opportunities for Students

Funding Your Study Abroad Experience

Scholarships & Grants!





FundMyTravel is an online crowd funding platform specifically developed to suit the needs of individuals desiring to study or volunteer abroad.

FundMyTravel is part of GoAbroad LLC. For fifteen years, GoAbroad.com has been the leading resource for meaningful travel and has helped millions of individuals to engage in international education and alternative travel. Through FundMyTravel GoAbroad aims to help and encourage more individuals to engage in meaningful travel experiences abroad - See the world!



Peer-funding helps you raise money for your educational travel experience. Starting a Project tells your community that you are serious about educational travel and that you would like them to support you. Did you know that peer-funding helps you build and develop skills in online communication, marketing, and fundraising? You can include a successful Project on your resume and cover letter!


Here at GlobaLinks Learning Abroad, we’ve seen students come up with some creative fundraising ideas to help make the dream of study abroad a reality. Crowd funding for a project is a new idea that can even be applied to study abroad.  It’s often the case that family and friends are happy to help you meet your goals, and we’ve made it easy for them to help contribute toward your program costs.


Fill the GAP participants will receive a student account and an online account page to which they may deposit money. Friends and family can also contribute to the account.

The funds and matching scholarship money can be applied toward the cost of any IFSA-Butler semester or year program. Summer students may also participate in Fill the GAP, but we do not offer a matching scholarship for summer programs.

The scholarship will be awarded based on what is received by IFSA-Butler as of the matching deadline: January 1 for fall and academic year programs, and July 1 for spring and calendar year programs. We set these deadlines early to encourage students to begin saving early for study abroad. Students can continue saving after the matching deadline.

The Fund for Education Abroad (FEA)


Aims to provide underrepresented students with greater access to study abroad through substantial scholarships and other resources. FEA is committed to increasing the opportunities for dedicated American students to participate in high-quality, rigorous education abroad programs by reducing financial restrictions through the provision of grants and scholarships



GoFundMe has quickly become the #1 crowd funding website in the world for personal causes and life-events. Hundreds of thousands of people have raised tens of millions of dollars for the things that matter to them most.



Indiegogo is a crowd funding platform where people who want to raise money can create fundraising campaigns to tell their story and get the word out. Indiegogo is also a place to discover what people all over the world are passionate about and how to get involved.


http://mytab.co/about-us myTab's a social travel gift card.

A place that you can save travel cash and shout 'put it on my Tab' so friends and family contribute towards your celebration trip (and they can gift you towards yours).Then simply use your funds towards your dream trip within my Tab. There are no restrictions because we have thousands of flights and hotels by our travel partners!myTab is perfect for: study and education abroad, philanthropy fundraisers, and so much more. ideal for group trips so you all plan together yet save and book separately. Any left-over funds after booking? Just use it towards your next trips (no expiration date) or re-gift to a friend to use on myTab. And the more you fund your travels; we then throw out bids to airlines and hotels who want to give you a brilliant deal. The larger your funds grow, the lower an exclusive deal we negotiate. Yes, we work harder to stretch your travel cash.

FAQs for Parents

FAQs for Students

Practical Guidelines for Study Abroad
       Includes information on Travel warnings,
       visas, passports, etc.

How to support students before,
during and after their programs



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 Study Abroad Forms

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 Sudy Abroad Information Sheet

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Study Abroad Information Sheet.docxStudy Abroad Information SheetGrant, Jason

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