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Succeed in 4

Succeed in 4
Your fastest route to earning a bachelor’s degree in four years at Worcester State University

What is “Succeed in 4”?
It’s a special initiative of all divisions of WSU to focus on the success of students in acclimating to college life, staying on track in their major, and graduating – ideally in four years.

Why is it a good idea to complete my degree in four years?
You can save money and enter the workforce or graduate school sooner by completing your degree in four years. And the momentum you build by progressing steadily towards your goals can keep you motivated and on track.

How is it possible to complete my degree in four years?
Students must earn 120 credits to receive a bachelor’s degree from Worcester State University. That means you need to complete an average of 15 credits—five three-credit courses--each semester for eight semesters.

Does it matter what courses I take?
Yes. Your credits must fulfill the Liberal Arts and Sciences (LASC) requirements—which are required of all students--as well as the credits required for completion of your major. So the 120 credits you earn must be distributed appropriately.

How can I be sure I’m taking the right courses to graduate in four years?
Much of the information you need can be found by logging onto Wed Advisor and accessing the Degree Audit section. But it is best to work with your advisor to be absolutely certain that the courses you are taking will fulfill all requirements.

How can I get an advisor?
The secretary in your declared major department will assign you an advisor. For example, if you are an English major, the English department secretary will assign you an advisor. The Academic Success Center can also help you find an advisor. It is important that you schedule an appointment to meet with your advisor.

Why is it important to meet with my advisor?
Your advisor can give you information about your major and career options; review your degree status and clarify what you need to do to graduate; help you select courses for the next term and register for classes; discuss other services available to you on campus. In a nutshell, your advisor can help you stay on track for reaching your goals.

What if I can’t decide what to major in?
It’s important to choose an education path that truly interests you. The Academic Success Center can help you explore career paths and assess your strengths and interests. Counselors are there to help you get on the right path to a meaningful, fulfilling career. You can also visit our Career Services office for information and advice.

What if I change my major?
Many students decide to change their major. That’s because education is a process of discovery. As you learn and grow at Worcester State University, you may discover areas of interest that you hadn’t thought about before. You may decide to go in a completely new direction. If that happens to you, visit the Academic Success Center to change your major and get the information you need. Be sure to get an advisor in your new department. Be sure to review all the credits you have earned and figure out which credits can be applied to your new major. You must earn the required number of credits in your new major in order to graduate. Sometimes, when students change majors they end up earning more than 120 credits by the time they graduate.

Does that mean I can’t graduate in four years if I change majors?
Possibly. The earlier you change your major the better. That way, you can be sure that as many of your credits as possible apply to your new major. Changing your major may require you to take an extra semester or two of classes. To stay on track for graduating in four years, you may need to take more than five courses a semester or take summer courses.

How do I register for evening or summer courses?
Taking a summer or evening course is a good way to make up for lost ground if you change your major or need to make up credits for other reasons. These courses are offered through the office of Continuing Education.

What if I’m having trouble taking five courses a semester?
Every student is different, and every semester is different. Some courses may be so challenging that you may need to take fewer courses that semester. Talk to your advisor to discuss your best options. Visit the Academic Success Center to get the support you need.

What if I fail or withdraw from a course?
It is better to withdraw from a course rather than fail it. In either case, if the course is required for graduation, you will need to take it again. You may be able to make the course up during summer sessions or in the evening to stay on track for graduating in four years. Talk about your situation with your advisor. Visit the Academic Success Center for support.

What services does the Academic Success Center provide?
Counselors in the Academic Success Center can help you change/declare your major/minor; complete math, writing, or foreign language placement testing; get a tutor for any course except Writing, MA 098, or MA 099; know who your advisor is; find your advisor; register if on probation; withdraw or take a leave of absence from the University; transfer to another college or university.

What other academic support services are available?
Tutors in the Writing Center can help with any writing assignment. Tutors in the Math Lab can help you understand math concepts and complete math assignments. Staff in the Disability Services office can help students receive the accommodations they need to facilitate learning.

What if personal problems interfere with my studies?
Life happens. Many students juggle jobs and family responsibilities along with their classes. Many are adjusting to being away from home for the first time. It is not uncommon for students to feel overwhelmed or depressed. Compassionate, trained counselors provide free, completely confidential counseling in our Counseling Services office.

As a commuter student, what can I do to stay focused on my education?
The majority of WSU students commute to school from off-campus. The office of Commuter Services can provide information and assistance with local off-campus housing. The office also offers programs specifically for commuter students, to help you connect with campus life and stay focused on your goals.

To summarize, what resources should I check out to help me stay on track to graduate in four years?
Academic Success Center (Administration Building, Room 130, 508-929-8139)
Career Services (Student Center, Room 300, 508-929-8072)
Commuter Services (Student Center, Charter Business Commuter Lounge, 508-929-8672)
Continuing Education (Administration Building, 4th Floor, 508-929-8127)
Counseling Services (Student Center, Room 300, 508-929-8072)
Math Lab (Sullivan Building, Room 143, 508-929-8810)
Writing Center (Sullivan Building Room 306, 508-929-8112)

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