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ARRA Payroll Tracking




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ARRA Payroll Tracking






Worcester State University has specific ARRA Timesheets for the various staff hired and employed through ARRA funds which will be used to record time and attendance. The supervisor is required to submit the weekly time sheets along with a summary sheet (Adjuncts are on summary sheets only). Once the time sheets have been processed on a payroll, the time summary sheet is filed in the payroll file and the original salmon timesheets are placed in a separate folder (Non-benefitted employees). Regular benefitted employees submit the salmon colored ARRA timesheet only, which is also kept in a separate file once input.







AccuTrack is used for the Center’s program services and adapted to record time and attendance for student staff (including Federal Work Study Students) in the Academic Success Center. AccuTrack works like a time clock, they punch in and out using their ID into the computer. Payroll detail reports are available by time period and student for payroll and tracking purposes. Summary sheets are still submitted to the payroll department on a weekly basis, supported by the payroll detail in the AccuTrack Report.


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