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ARRA Process

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Prior ARRA Budget Procurement Director obtains  Quotes from Vendors Purchase Order for ARRA  Procurement Director reviews the 
with Object Codes Quotes from are reviewed by item as quoted, is prepared proposed Object
Developed. MHEC Vendors or Procurement Director, including   by the Procurement Office. Codes for validity in MMARS
  State (OSD) Vendors. the end user. Quotes may also be   for the item being ordered.
    reviewed by the Assoc. Director of IT '    
    and the Dir. Of Facilities if necessary.    
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Purchase Order is given to  After the P.O. is reviewed, the  If there are any variances to The Procurement  Director Vendor sends ARRA
the ARRA Coord., who reviews ARRA Coord. and/or the  the ARRA Budget or any will initiate the  item as listed on the 
P.O. for compliance with  Procurement Dir., sends the  questions regarding coding, the MMARS encumbrance. Quote, to the receiving
the ARRA Budget and with P.O. to the Vendor along with the Procurement Director will Copy of MMARS  Department.
ARRA guidelines, and correct ARRA Terms & Conditions, as  notify Assoc. Vice President Encumbrance will be   
project number. well as other state and federal and the V.P. of Finance & Admin forwarded to ARRA Coord.  
  mandated guidelines. for further determination.    
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The order (ARRA item) Dept. approval is given to ARRA Coordinator Once payment is At the End of the Month,
is accepted and approved Procurement Director., who matches  forwards ARRA invoice to processed, a copy of payment ARRA monthly GL Entries
for payment by the signed approval, invoice Accounts Payble. is forwarded to the ARRA  are prepared by the
Dept., with signature  approval, P.O. and any back up to   Coord.  ARRA Coord. And reviewed
which may be electronic. ARRA Coord. For sign-off and     by the Manager of
  final compliance review.     Financial Records/Treasury.

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