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Conference and Events Policies

Welcome to the Conference and Event Services Office


The policies and procedures set forth in this manual are designed to improve and increase services to our clients.  Anyone who uses this office is considered a client, regardless of event size or number participating.  It is important that the policies outlined continue to grow and adapt as the Office develops.  Therefore, policies will be reviewed and revised annually.

Reviewed and Revised June 2013

Conference and Events - Event Reservation Form

Conference and Events - Event Type Contact Sheet

Conference and Events - Event Type Guide


Thank you in advance for your support.


Conference and Event Services office (CESO)















Table of Contents

General Policies                                                                                              Pg. 3-4

University Sponsored Event                                                                           Pg. 5

University Co – Sponsored Event                                                                  Pg. 6

Non – University Sponsored Event                                                                Pg. 7

Reservation Scheduler / Software Policy                                                       Pg. 8

Overtime Details                                                                                              Pg. 9

Space Policies                                                                                                 Pg. 10 – 13

1.      General Space Policies

2.      535 Chandler St.

3.      Temple Emanuel Classrooms and Auditorium

4.      Sullivan Auditorium / Fuller Auditorium

Rental Fees                                                                                                     Pg. 14

Table Reservation                                                                                           Pg. 14

Dining Services                                                                                               Pg. 15

Residence Life                                                                                                Pg. 16

Alcohol Policy                                                                                                Pg. 17

Event Billing                                                                                                   Pg. 18

Visitor Parking Policy                                                                                     Pg. 19

Audio Visual Equipment Policy                                                                     Pg. 20

Username/Password Policy                                                                             Pg. 20

Waiver of Fees                                                                                                Pg. 20

Inclement Weather Policy                                                                               Pg. 21

Student Employees                                                                                         Pg. 22-23


General Policies

University facilities are generally available for activities which implement and complement the University’s overall mission without prior restraint upon the content of the program or activity; consistent with the University’s established policy of nondiscrimination and affirmative action.

University facilities may not be used for any activities which are contrary to Federal, State or Local laws which conflict with established University Policies, Collective Bargaining Agreements, or concessionaire agreements; or which endanger the safety and security of people and property.

CESO reserves the right to assign what it deems as appropriate space for the successful function of an event, when possible taking into consideration client’s space requests.

All non – academic usage of general meeting or event space must be scheduled through the reservation software implemented and maintained by CESO.

Keys will be given to clients on a case by case basis.  Keys will only be furnished to clients if expressly approved by University Police.  The client is responsible for the return of said keys to University Police at the conclusion of the event.  Failure to return keys will result in additional charges to the client. 

Facilities can only be used for the purpose contractually described in accordance with section V.  The client will be held responsible for all matters resulting from its use including any misuse of the facility.

Any client that is not an agency of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts must present evidence of insurance that names Worcester State University as an additionally insured.  Proof of insurance must be submitted to the Conference and Event Services Office no later than 15 working days prior to the event start date.  Client agrees to maintain insurance coverage in the minimum amounts listed below for the duration of the event, including any period during which the client or any of its agents, employees or guests are present on any property of the University:

a.       Client –

a.       Workers Compensation in the amount required by Law;

b.      Employer’s Liability having a single limit of not less than $500,000.00 per occurrence;

c.       Commercial General Liability having a combined single limit (bodily injury, property damage and personal injury) of not less than $1,000,000.00.

d.      Automotive Liability having a single limit of note less than $1,000,000.00

b.      The University is not insured against any liabilities and is subject to the liability limits in Massachusetts General Law c.258

The Client herby agrees to defend, indemnify and hold the University, its officers, trustees, agents and employees harmless from and against all claims of bodily injury including death or personal property damage or theft arising from or out of the client’s activities.  Including the activities of any of its agents, employees or guests while on or utilizing University property.

Neither party will be responsible for the performance of its obligations under this agreement if such party isn’t able to perform such obligations due to circumstances beyond its control, including without limitation, acts of God, fires, floods, wars and civil disturbances, acts of terrorism or governmental actions.  In the event of such an occurrence, this agreement will be terminated and the University will return any deposits, minus University expenses to date, prior to such occurrence, and no penalties or additional charges will be imposed on either party.

Communication and or instructions for arrangements of any event or conference must come from one person.  This person will be the contact, scheduler, requestor and or meeting coordinator as decided by the department, office and or outside agency.

The client is responsible for any and all damage occurring during or related to their event.  Any cost associated with damage will be billed directly to the client.

The client is to ensure the safety of their participants by keeping them out of restricted and or construction areas on campus.














University Sponsored Event

A University Sponsored Event is any event, meeting or activity requested by a member of the faculty, staff or administration or by an officer of a recognized student organization while operating within the scope of their officially recognized capacity.

The client requesting facility usage is expected to cover all costs associated with their event.  This includes but is not limited to equipment rental, student staff, overtime details and food service when applicable. 

Rental fees will be waived for all University Sponsored events.

Facilities are not considered booked and confirmed until the event state on the reservation software is changed from Tentative to Confirmed by the CESO.

Internal Client Cancellation Policy

Internal clients are responsible for cancelling their own reservations through the online software system.  Phone or e-mail cancellations may be accepted in specific circumstances, to be determined by CESO.

Any costs already incurred to the University prior to cancellation will be invoiced to the internal client.  CESO will not be responsible for costs incurred due to client cancellation.













University Co - Sponsored Event

A University Co - Sponsored Event is an event which involves a University Department, Office or approved Student Organization and an external organization.  The event must be in line with the Universities/Departments/Office’s/Student Organization’s mission and goals, when possible promoting community outreach and involvement to the benefit of both the University and the external organization.  Events in this category will in all cases involve a contractual agreement with the University developed by CESO. 

Events that fall in this category will be assessed a discounted event rental fee at the rate of 50% off the standard rental fees.  All other additional costs will be billed at the standard rate. 

Insurance is required from the external organization involved in the event.  The University reserves the right to cancel an event if proof of insurance is not received within the 15 working days as indicated in the general policies. 

Events in this category will be held to the External Client Cancellation and Deposit Policy.

The following criteria must be met in order for an event to be considered a University Co – Sponsored Event.

1.      The external organization does not have any revenue generating interest in the partnership / co sponsorship

2.      Event is open to the University community

3.      An agent of the University with the authority to commit his / her departmental / office financial resources has authorized the program/event/conference in writing to CESO(email is acceptable).  The email should indicate who, either the University or the external organization, will be responsible financially for any costs associated with the event.

4.      A member of the University will be identified in the contract as the event contact and will agree to serve in the assistance of planning the event, preparing the budget and agree to attend the event in its entirety to ensure that the event is conducted in accordance with University policy.  Failure to serve as the event contact in any of these capacities may affect University Co – Sponsorship status in the future.

5.      Should the University incur any fiscal liability associated with a University Co –Sponsored event, the ultimate responsibility for the event and all liability for any personal injury or property damage resulting from the event, will be the sole responsibility of the external organization.




Non – University Sponsored Event

A Non – University Sponsored Event is any event which is scheduled through an outside agent or through an employee of the University be it faculty, staff or student organization that is not working within the scope of their officially recognized capacity and not being supported in any way by the University.

The client requesting facility usage is expected to cover all costs associated with their event.  This includes but is not limited to rentals, student staff, overtime details and food service when applicable. 

The University reserves the right to cancel an event if proof of insurance is not received within the 15 working days indicated in the general policies. 

External Client Cancellation and Deposit Policy

Client booking’s made less than 3 months prior to event date will be required to pay a 50% non refundable deposit due upon receipt of the signed contract.

Client booking’s made more than three months prior to event start date are required to pay a 25% non refundable deposit due upon receipt of the signed contract.

The University reserves the right to cancel an event if deposits are not provided in the timeline stated above or if the nature of the event is not what was indicated on the contract.

Client booking’s made more than 3 months prior to event start date will be held to the following cancellation tier.

Date of Cancellation                                                               Charges due to Cancellation

0 – 30 days before event                                                         100%

31 – 60 days before event                                                       50%

61 – 90 days before event                                                       25%

91+ days before event                                                                        Waived






Reservation / Scheduler Software Policy

All facilities, services and any audiovisual equipment for University Sponsored events and University Co – Sponsored events should be reserved through the online reservation system.

Facilities and services for Non – University Sponsored events will be taken via phone or e-mail and entered into the reservation software by CESO.

The reservation software is open and available to individuals who have gone through a beginning user training course.  Subsequent more advanced trainings will be offered periodically but the beginner training is required annually for system access. 

Reservation system access will not be given to undergraduate students serving as either work study or student 03 positions in Offices / Departments.  Access may be given to graduate assistants on a case by case basis.  Please submit requests in writing to the Director for graduate assistant access.

Requests submitted through the online system are not confirmations of space or resources.  Space and resources are not confirmed until the tentative status through the reservation system has been changed from tentative to confirm, by CESO.

Changes or additions to an existing reservation must be done via the online system within 48hours of the event start time.  Cancellations should be done as soon as possible to release both space and resources back to the community.

CESO reserves the right to assign what it deems as appropriate space for the successful function of an event when possible taking into consideration the client’s requests if any.

Last minute requests for audio visual equipment or furnishings may or may not be filled depending on personnel and equipment availability.  CESO is not responsible for requests not submitted through the online software or for requests given verbally to any member of the staff.








Overtime Details

The assignment of an overtime detail will be at the discretion of the University Police Department or the Facilities Department with input regarding the events details from CESO.

In the case of an activity, program or function which has not been scheduled or coordinated through CESO the individual department or organization should consult with the Police Department about the need for police details.

Overtime detail rates are based on contractual obligation, working on 4 hours minimums and are non-negotiable.

Details are assigned based on any or all of the following criteria:

Event Location

The location of the event can dictate staffing requirements based on a number of criteria.  Those determinations are made by CESO in conjunction with the Facilities Department and University Police. 

Time of Event

Events scheduled in the evening or on the weekends may require a detail.  If the building in which the program is occurring is ordinarily scheduled to be closed at the time of the program, a detail will be required to open and close the building.

Anticipated Attendance

Events with anticipated or confirmed attendance of at least 50 people may require a detail

Scope of Event

When an event has special requirements either in equipment / location or expected attendance, a detail may be required.

Security Concerns include but are not limited to:

Alcohol – a detail will generally be needed for any activity in which alcohol is to be served.

Traffic Patterns – Any activity which involves the closure or partial closure of a college roadway or lane of travel or parking lot, or which will involve special traffic or parking arrangements.

Live Act – Any concert band, disc jockey, or live act regardless of expected attendance.

Space Policies

Events requiring classroom space will only be confirmed after the academic class schedule has been completed and room availability has been confirmed via the online scheduling software.

Non – specific classrooms may be assigned to an event if the event falls during a known time of general classroom availability.  Specific room numbers will not be assigned until classroom availability has been confirmed by the scheduling software

Events will in all cases come second to the academic scheduling of academic space.

All classrooms are to be used as is, with no change in room configuration

Event space that is not within the Student Center will be booked on a rolling basis in coordination with the academic calendar the academic schedule and those University events as determined by the Office of the President.

Food restrictions to apply to some event / academic space; the client will be informed if food is not allowed in a space they have requested.

All set-ups must be coordinated through CESO.  Once the room is set, equipment can only be moved by CESO staff, at no time should equipment be moved by clients or guests.

Event Space in the Student Center will not be scheduled for academic purposes.

During the academic year event space within the Student Center is given priority to Student Center/Student Activities and events designated by the President’s Office.

During the academic year, priority of event space is reserved for the University events, meetings and functions.  Secondary Priority is given to University Co - Sponsored Events and finally space is rented to non – university sponsored events on an as available basis.

During the summer months, and those periods of academic break from classes, priority of event space scheduling is given to Non – University Sponsored event.

HVAC systems are set building wide and are not controllable by room or individual department.  If you have a request regarding the temperature please contact CESO between 8 am and 5 pm Monday – Friday.  After 5 pm phone calls should be directed towards the Student Manager (508-929-8078) for events in the Student Center or University Police (508-929-8044) for all other events.  CESO will do everything in its power to adjust the temperature to the clients comfort level; but is ultimately not responsible for the actual temperature of the room.  

Event Signage or other displays should not be taped or tacked to the walls or windows of any event space, only poster putty should be used.  The client is responsible to remove any and all postings once the event has ended failure to do so may result in additional charges.

All centerpieces and decorations must be approved by CESO beforehand.

            The following are not permitted without exception:

                        Lighted Candles, decorative glitter and confetti

Do not leave articles pertaining to your event in the event space, anything left in closets or in the event space will be thrown out immediately following the event without notice.  Personal belongings will be turned into University Police when found.  Please email University Police at for the lost and found.

Room capacities are determined in coordination with the Facilities Department.  Capacities are non – negotiable and will not be altered.  Should your event go above the stated room / set-up capacity the event will be moved to a more appropriate location or cancelled if a more appropriate location is not available.  At no time can exits or emergency equipment be blocked by equipment or people.

535 Chandler St.


One person from the President’s Office will serve as communication liaison between the President and Mrs. Maloney to Event Coordinator and CESO.  This person will confirm event requests, access time, set-up times and event start time as well as any other details that involve the President’s Family or residence.

Equipment will be rented through contracted state vendors for all events.  For events in the tier 3 to 4 (see pg. 12) range when the movement of existing furniture is required professional movers will be hired to re-locate the President’s personal belongings.

A diagram will be created by CESO that will be to scale, indicating furniture placement.  The diagram will be approved by Mrs. Maloney, Event Coordinator, President Office liaison and Dining Services 72 hours before the event start date.  The configuration will not be changed or altered last minute without written approval from all four areas.

Event numbers will be finalized 72 hours prior to event start and will include staff if applicable

Set-up and breakdown for events will be between the hours of 9 am and 11 am, set-ups or breakdowns operating outside of this timeframe will require approval from the President’s Office liaison.

Furniture movers and rental companies will be scheduled and supervised by CESO.  They will not be allowed in or on the property unaccompanied. 

The number of hours between event start and event set-up will be as minimal as possible to ensure that displacement of the President’s Family is minimal.

Events will hold to established event tiers and established capacities.  No exceptions will be made regardless of group or sponsoring office. 


Tier 1 Events                                                               Tier 2 Events

Catering                                                                      Catering

No additional furniture requirements                         Additional furniture requirements

No movement of existing furniture                            Limited movement of existing furniture

Relatively small crowd (5 - 10 people)                       Small to medium crowd (10 - 15 people)


Tier 3 Events                                                               Tier 4 Events

Catering                                                                      Catering

Additional furniture requirements                              Additional furniture requirements

Extensive relocation of existing furniture                   Extensive relocation of existing furniture

Medium crowd (15 - 20 people)                                 Additional temporary tents necessary

                                                                                    Large Crowd (20 - 50 people)


Event Set-up and Breakdown

Tier 1 Events will require 2 hours of set-up and 1 hour of breakdown.  


Tier 2 & Tier 3 Events will require 4 hours of set-up and 2 hours of breakdown time.  


Tier 4 Events will require 6 hours of set-up and 3 hours of breakdown.


Set-up and Breakdown of events will whenever possible be done on the same day to minimize displacement of the Maloney Family.  In all cases Mrs. Maloney will approve all set-up times  and periods of breakdown.


Rentals will be delivered to the porch of the residence and picked up from the porch of the residence



Tier 1 Events can accommodate up to 10 people with no additional furniture needs utilizing the kitchen/family room to serve any food.


Tier 2 Events can accommodate up to 15 people in the family room.  3 3ft round tables with up to 5 chairs per table.  This is for either a served or a buffet meal


Tier 3 Events can accommodate up to 20 people in the family room. 4 3ft round tables with up to 5 chairs per table.  Either a served or buffet meal


Tier 4 Events can accommodate up to 50 people utilizing both the family room and a tent.  20 people in the family room as described in Tier 3 and an additional 30 people under a 20 x 20 or a 20 x 30 tent.




Temple Emanuel (May St. Building)

Classroom space will follow space policies outlined on pg. 10 in both usage and scheduling priority. Request of the Temple Auditorium should come through the scheduling software system.  

Dining Services within the building will maintain the Jewish practice of Kosher.  No external food or drink is allowed within the building, no exceptions will be made.

The Temple Auditorium will not be scheduled on Tuesdays, Friday’s after 4 pm, Saturday or Sunday due to Temple staff scheduling and the observance of Shabbat.

All events scheduled within the auditorium will require at minimum a half day set-up and half day breakdown with scheduling cleaning time.

Sullivan Auditorium / Fuller Theater

Bookings of the Sullivan Auditorium / Fuller Theater include the auditorium the lobby and the backstage area. Additional rooms for dressing or other needs are not included and must be booked at an additional cost. 

Rental of the auditorium includes use of the sound system and lighting system.  Use of said systems will be what the University deems as reasonable use.  Changes in lighting and or sound system operations will be dealt with on a case by case basis.  The University is not obligated to make changes to its system.  Should specific changes be granted by the University, those changes will be outlined in the contract and it will be the client’s responsibility to return the system to its original configuration.  Additional charges will apply if authorized changes are not returned to the University’s original configurations.

Gaffing tape is the only tape allowed on the stage floor, any other type of tape, or other markers cause damage to the floor, the client will be billed for any damage done to the floor.

Fly bars are to remain in a locked position at all times.  Access to fly bars for backdrop/s should be communicated to the University at least 15 working days prior to event start date.

Parking is not allowed in the parking garage and fire lanes directly in front of the auditorium should remain clear at all times.

Access to loading dock should remain clear at all times, except for those instances of loading and unloading, after which the vehicle should be removed to a parking space away from the door.

Pyrotechnics are strictly prohibited

Merchandise sales are subject to a $50 surcharge per day.


Rental Fees

Rental fees are assessed on a full day or half day basis.  A full day is defined as 8 hours of event time with up to 1 hour of pre-event access time.  A half day event is defined as 4 hours of event time with up to one half hour of pre-event access time. 

A full day event that goes above the 8 hours of event time or requires more than 1 hour of pre-event access time will be charged at the full day rate plus the half day rate.  A half day event that goes above the 4 hours of event time and the one half hour of pre-event access time will be charged the full day rate.

Table Reservation

University Sponsored tables are available at the following locations

Exhibit Area – Student Center                                   Top of Ramp – Student Center

Sullivan T – Sullivan Academic Center

Admin lobby (A101B) – Shaugnessy Administration Building

Lancer Loft Café – Student Center                            ST Lobby – Science & Technology Building

Non – University Sponsored tables are available at the following locations

Exhibit Area – Student Center

Lancer Loft – Student Center                                    Top of Ramp – Student Center

Types of Non – University Sponsored Tables


Vendors are required to sign a contract of use prior to any event which they plan to sell goods/wares.  Contractually all goods sold must be agreed upon between the Vendor and the CESO

Information Tables

Information tables are any business, organization or group of individuals who are distributing information to the University community.  The distribution of information does not include those tables selling goods (vendor).  Tables distributing information regardless of type will be required to sign a contract prior ot their event date.  Table location will be determined by CESO.  A representative is required to meet with either the Event Coordinator or the Reservationist prior to the day of the event to discuss the type of information being distributed.  

Vendors/Information Tables will be charged $50.00 per day payable upon arrival to campus.  This charge allots the Client one (1) table; if additional tables are required an additional fee of $25 will be assessed per additional table.  Payment will be accepted as bank or personal check only. 

Any Vendor/Information Table who fails to abide by the policies or rules set forth in their contract will be asked to cease their sale and to leave University property. 

If inclement weather is imminent the table will be treated as an event; please see the inclement weather policy.


Dining Services

Food and beverages served at the University must be catered by Dining Services.

Advance Notice-

Coffee Service or Breaks……. 72 Hours Lead Time (minimum)

Lunches / Dinners………………. 7 Days Lead Time (minimum)

Final counts / Guarantee…….. 3 Business Days (minimum)

In order to provide excellence for your catered events we must adhere to the above deadlines for adequate planning time.

Menus- visit our website at

Custom Event Menu’s- The event manager in conjunction with our Chef’s can create a special menu for any event.  Please contact our office at 508-929-8657.

Cancellations- Events canceled two or more days prior to the event will not incur any cancellation charges for food service.  Events canceled within two days will be subject to any unrecoverable costs incurred while preparing for the event. 

Guest Count and Guarantees must be received three business days before the event or the client will be charged for the last number received.  In the event that the client exceeds the guest count guarantee, the client will be charged for the actual number of guests served.

Lost Equipment- If dining or food service equipment is missing upon pickup after the event, the client planned will be charged a replacement cost.

Wait staff Service- The cost of each wait staff is $23.00 per hour at a minimum of 4 hours.

  1. Served Meals- Pricing for served meals includes China, Linens and wait staff.

Leftovers- Due to the potential liability of food illness, any leftover foods will not be allowed to be taken out of event premises.

Table Coverings- both food and non food tables can be covered and skirted by the catering department for an additional cost of $3.75 per cloth and $14.50 per skirt.

Billing- An appropriate account number is required at the time of the planning of your event.  Please be sure to have this number prior to coordinating your event.  Invoices incurred for catering events are due within 7 days of the catered event. 

Meal Tax- All off campus groups are subject to a 6.25% meal tax.

Residence Halls

The Residence Halls are available for rent during the summer months only.  

A final bed count must be provided to the University 30 days prior to the client’s arrival. A revised invoice will be generated based on the final bed count provided by the Client. Any additional spaces originally requested by the Client will be released and the University will not be responsible to provide additional bed spaces.


The Client’s staff will be responsible for the conduct of the program participants, and shall be responsible to ensure that all participants are aware of and abide by all Federal, State, Local laws and College rules and regulations.


The University will provide staffing during check in and checkout periods.  Staffing is available for up to 5 hours, staffing needs above and beyond the 5 hour allotment will be provided at a cost of $25 per hour.  Check in and checkout periods must be communicated to the University 30 days prior to the arrival of the client.

Parking is restricted to designated parking areas.  Parking in designated faculty, staff or state vehicle spaces are prohibited.  Vehicles found in violation of the Universities parking policies will be ticketed and/or towed at the Owner’s Expense.

Transportation is the sole responsibility of the Client, not the University or University Staff.

The Client must comply with established University quiet hours.  Quiet hours are established to promote the academic mission of the college and are in effect from 9 pm – 8 am Sundays through Thursdays and 12 am – 8 am on Fridays and Saturdays.  Please be aware that courtesy hours are always in effect. 

Residence Life and University Police staff reserves the right to perform a cursory search of any assigned living space in the course of an investigation of a policy violation.

The Client agrees to provide a total number of linens requested 15 working days prior to the client’s arrival. The Client understands that there is an additional charge for linen packets per person.


The Client is responsible to remove all trash and place it in designated dumpsters or trash rooms in their designated area. Any trash found left within rooms or in common areas would result in additional damage charges on the conference group’s bill.

No alcoholic beverages are permitted within the residence halls regardless of the age of staff and/or participants. If alcohol is found the University reserves the right to immediately remove the individual and/or the conference group from the residence hall facilities.


Kitchen facilities are to be cleaned and maintained by the Client after each use.

Alcohol Policy

The consumption and/or sale of alcoholic beverages on the Worcester State University campus and its properties shall be in strict conformity to the appropriate Massachusetts General Laws, the regulations of the License Commission of the City of Worcester and in compliance with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (DFSCA), and the DFSCA Regulations.

No alcohol shall be served at any event except (i) with the prior written approval of the University (ii) in strict conformity with a license issued by the license commission of the city of Worcester and (iii) in strict conformity with the requirements of this agreement.

Alcoholic beverages will not be permitted to be served at events or receptions where it is not feasible to check identification or not feasible to limit the consumption of alcohol to persons 21 or older.

Food and alternative beverages to alcohol must be served at all functions where alcohol is permitted to be sold or consumed.

The alcohol license must be held by a third party vendor and posted during an event; alcohol may only be served or sold by the license holder and the license holder’s TIPS-certified bartenders.  Third party vendor will be contracted through the Conference and Event Services Office of the University and charges will be communicated to the client and included in the final invoice.  Client may book its own third party vendor; however, it must be confirmed by the University that said vendor has a license to serve alcohol and that its bartenders are TIPS certified.

The drug policy shall be in accordance with the restrictions and prohibitions on drug use and distribution found in the laws of the commonwealth of Massachusetts, the City of Worcester and in compliance with the Drug-Free Schools and Communities Act (DFSCA), and the Drug-Free Schools and Campuses Regulations.  Specifically, any possession, use, sale or distribution of illegal drugs is prohibited.  Furthermore, any individual possessing prescription drugs is responsible for their proper usage.  The sale or distribution of prescription drugs is expressly forbidden.

Full Policy guidelines and procedures can be found in the “Policy Booklet, Alcohol, Illegal Drugs, and Substances” A copy of this booklet is in the Conference and Event Services Office.  The Office encourages review of this material before attempting to host an event that involves alcohol. 


The client agrees to pay all the fees and other charges invoiced for this event.  These fees and charges may include but are not limited to space rental, set-up staffing, equipment/resources, police details, on duty event staff, catering fees, including permits, Massachusetts sales and meals tax and other charges dictated by the particulars of the event.

Upon conclusion of the event, University facilities and equipment will be checked for damages or loss.  The client is responsible for all costs for repair and replacement.

Any client requesting a waiver of fees is expected to cover all University incurred expenses associated with their event.

The Client is responsible for the cost of all loss or damage fees incurred by the University throughout the duration of their stay at the University.  These costs include but are not limited to loss of keys, destruction of University property, damage or misuse of common areas, loss or damage to linens and loss of access cards. All residence hall rooms are to be returned to the condition in which the client found them upon departure.  Any additional clean up or removal of items, such as trash, required by the University’s maintenance staff will result in additional fees assessed to the client’s bill.

Third party vendors contracted by the University on behalf of the client will be billed to the client at a cost plus a 10% overhead charge.

Total payment is due on or before the first day of scheduled event.  Any additional charges that are incurred will be invoiced immediately following the event and are due within 30 days of invoice date. 

Event access time will end 30 minutes prior to building closings and begin 30 minutes after building openings.  Additional personnel costs will be assessed to those events not ending within the outlined parameters or those events requiring building hours be extended.








Visitor Parking Policy

 Parking passes may be requested through University Police by logging onto their website.  Passes should be requested no later than 1 week prior to the event start date.  Information regarding requesting parking passes will be given to external clients at the time of their booking; internal clients are expected to communicate parking policies to their participants and guests.

Larger events occurring during off-peak parking times will not require hang tags for participants. Instead, University Police will be notified by CESO of the event and participants will be expected to park in general spaces only.

Participants of Non – University Sponsored events that occur on a weekly basis require hang tags at cost for either one semester or the entire academic year.  In this instance group participants must contact the University Parking clerk to purchase hang tags.  Contact information will be provided through CESO and every attempt will be made to simplify the process for the client.

















Audio Visual Equipment Policy

CESO will in all cases work to ensure appropriate audio visual support for events, meetings and functions held on campus the Office will not support those events occurring off campus.

Any requirements for off campus events should either be secured through either the off campus venue or by submitting a help desk ticket through IT.  IT will not provide support for equipment once it is loaned out.

All audio visual equipment should be requested through the online scheduling software.  If equipment is unavailable, the client will be notified by CESO that procurement will need to go through a third party; any costs associated will be billed as previously outlined.

Username/Password and Internet Access Policy

Access to the Internet will be provided to guests of the University on an as requested basis.  Individuals are responsible to fill out their own personal information to obtain guest access which will be texted to their personal cell phones.

Usernames and passwords (un/pw) will be provided to clients on an as needed basis when either the guest does not own / carry a cell phone or when access to the University’s computers are necessary.

Un/pw cannot be mailed or e-mailed per the acceptable use policy.

Waiver of Rental Fee Request Form

A request to waive rental fees may be requested by an on campus department / office / recognized student organization engaging in a University Co – Sponsored Event or by an external client engaging in a Non – University Sponsored Event.

Request forms must be filled out in their entirety before submission to CESO.  Forms that are not filled out correctly or entirely will be declined and returned to the client.

Approval of the request is for rental fees only and does not include any direct costs to the University. 

Clients requesting a waiver will still be responsible to enter into a contractual agreement with the University and provide proof of insurance as indicated in the contract. 

Requests for waiver of rental fees forms should be completed by the client no later than 15 business days prior to the event start date.  Inquiries for waiver forms after that timeline will be approved on a case by case basis.


Inclement Weather Policy

Notification of closure or delay of opening will be on the following radio and television stations:

Radio Stations:           WTAG            /580 AM, WBZ/1030 AM, WSRS/96.1 FM

Television Stations:     WBZ/Channel 4, WCVB/Channel 5, WHDH/Channel 7

Notification will also be on the University’s website:

In the event the University is closed due to inclement weather all event are cancelled regardless of their sponsored or non-sponsored status.

The event contact person is expected to notify all speakers, presenters and participants that the event has been cancelled, CESO will not be held responsible for any notification of either guest or client. 

In the event of event cancellation due to inclement weather, deposits will either be returned or held as credit on the Client’s balance. 

In the event of a delay, all events will begin 1 hour after the school has opened regardless of opening time. 

If the University is open and hosting events but you as the Client wish to cancel an event, you may do so within the guidelines stipulated within the cancellation policy.  If the cancellation is not received in the timeframe as outlined you will be held responsible for costs incurred by the University. 













Conference and Event Services Student Staff

The Conferencing Staff is an integral part of the University whose main objective is to service the needs of the community in relation to events taking place on campus. The Conferencing Staff are responsible for set-up/break-down of equipment which also includes audio-visual needs.

The students whom work for Conference and Event Services are hired at as 03 employees with the University. Conference and Event Services student staff train with one another throughout the year and are required to attend bi-annual group trainings and monthly meetings. Our students operate on a “track system” (see student employee handbook for more information) which allows for a student mentor on each shift to act as support and guidance to other staff members. The students are trained in safety, use of equipment, emergency procedures, basic and advanced set-up needs. The students main focus is to provide a level of customer service and support to those individuals hosting and attending an event while on campus.

Conference and Event Services takes pride in servicing the community in regards to events. The student employees take great pride in the work they do on a daily basis and train extensively over a course of months/years to attain a full level of service. The student staff should be treated as the main point of contact for an event in the absence of professional staff member. The students have been trained in all components of the job requirements and should be treated professionally.

Dress Code/Office Space

Conference and Event Services Staff can be found wearing royal blue polo shirts indicating “ Worcester State University Conference and Event Services” and are located (when not busy with a task) on the 2nd floor of the Student Center. Please note that students are often busy with set-ups in a variety of buildings on campus and are not always visible. If any questions or concerns need to be addressed regarding your event and assistance is needed please call (508) 929-8078  Monday-Friday 8am-5pm or      (508) 929-8073 Monday-Friday 5pm-11pm or Saturday/Sunday to reach the student manager on duty. 

Hiring Process for Conference & Event Services Staff

The process of hiring a Conference and Event Services student employee begins the last week of October. During the last week of October, the job application is posted onto the Conference & Event Services website via University Technology Services (UTS). During the last week of October an email goes out to the WSU student population via the student list serv. An announcement is also posted on FACSTAFF to inform any faculty and staff who may know of an interested candidate.  We will also include flyers posted on both upper and lower campus and through career services. This process continues every other day for the week. In all announcements details are listed on where, when, and how to apply.

Beginning the first week of November applications for employment will be accepted by the Event Coordinator. Applications are accepted for the first two weeks of November.

Once the applications are accepted the Event Coordinator will contact applicants via email informing them of potential time frames to sign up for an interview.

Applicants will receive a confirmation email with a date, time, and location where the individual interview will take place.  Sign-ups for interviews will be open for the first three days of the third week of November. Interviews will take place the last week of November.

The selection process for CESO student staff employment will take place the first two weeks of December. All accepted and non-accepted employees will be notified via email with the decision. Those who have been offered a position will be asked to confirm their acceptance of the position by visiting the reservationist to fill out paperwork which includes (tax, direct deposit, emergency contact, and personal identification) information. This paperwork must be submitted to the reservationist before the students leave for holiday break.

New student employees will begin “new hire training” the third week of January. New hires will have their training on day one of the CESO group training.

Spring work schedule will begin on the first day of classes in January and all new staff will be on a 45 day probationary period. This will give the students time to become acclimated to the position and the professional staff to monitor their work ethic and performance.

Last week of October

Application posted to CESO website

Last week of October

Emails to student list serv, Facstaff, flyers, career services

First week of November

Accepting CESO applications

Third week of November

Sign-ups for interviews (Mon, Tues, Wed ONLY)

Last week of November

Interviews for position

First week of December

Selection Process for position

Second week of December

New hires fill out paperwork with reservationist

Third week of January

New hire training




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