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Contracts Massachusetts State College Association

Webmaster's note: Most of these files require the use of Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have the Acrobat Reader software on your computer, please download it from the Adobe site.

Memorandum of Agreement, August 27, 2007
web edition

Day Contract - 2004-2007
web edition of the 2004-2007 contract (please see disclaimer for 2001-2003 contract).

Day Contract - 2001-2003
Print copies of the MSCA/BHE (day unit) contract for 2001-2003 were available on the campuses beginning September, 2001. Also available is a web edition of the 2001-2003 contract(please see disclaimer).

Day Contract - 1995-1998
Web edition of the 1995-1998 contract.
Currently unavailable (8/05).

DGCE Contract- 2006-2009
Web edition of the 2006-2009 contract.

DGCE Contract - 2003-2006
Web edition of the 2003-2006 contract.

DGCE Contract - 2000-2003
Web edition of the 2000-2003 contract.

Memorandum of Agreement: Anonymous Complaints

Tentative Agreement - Spring 2005
Memorandum of Agreement, March 2005
Memorandum of Understanding, June 2005
Article VII: Participation in the Decision Making Process, 3/22/05

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