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ImmediateUrgent Care














Student Health Services provides health care of an urgent or immediate nature on a regular basis to meet the needs of students in accordance with appropriate ethical and professional practices and legal requirements.  These services are provided to students who have paid the Student Health Services Fee each semester.









  1. Patients seeking immediate/urgent care services are seen without prior appointments.


  1. During clinical hours of operation, at least one qualified health care provider is present and medical consult is available by the presence of, or telephone contact with a MD.


  1. SHS has adequately trained personnel, proper equipment and established procedures to evaluate, stabilize and arrange for transfer of medical emergencies that may present themselves or arise, in conjunction with services provided by Student Health Services.


  1. Communications are maintained with local police departments, fire departments, community social service agencies, ambulance services and hospitals, as needed to assure appropriate patient care.


  1. Appropriate laboratory and diagnostic imaging is available by referral to community resources.


  1. Referral to appropriate specialty consultation services is available and arranged as necessary.


  1. Health care providers are CPR certified.


  1. Transportation to other health facilities is arranged when an ambulance is unnecessary.


  1. If a provider cannot communicate with a patient during a visit due to language barriers, the provider may use the medical interpreter language line, Pacific Interpreters. 


  1. An emergency illness or accident on University is to be immediately reported to University Police(ext 8044/8911).  All University Police officers are trained to assess medical emergencies.  An officer on duty will immediately respond to the emergency, will contact Student Health Services Office for immediate response, and in consultation with SHS staff shall assess the condition of the person.  Depending upon the situation, the ill or injured person will either be transported to a hospital emergency room by ambulance or to SHS for further evaluation.  The University Police Officer will assist the person to SHS as needed.

If an emergency illness or accident occurs at a time when SHS is closed, the University Police Officer will make an assessment, and call EMS when necessary.  If a person reporting an emergency illness or accident has any difficulty in contacting University Police, he/she should call 911 for assistance.







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