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Personal Digital Assistant Support (Blackberry, iPhone etc.)

This policy describes the College's support of PDAs and smartphones, and outlines user responsibilities for data security.

Information Technolgies has made available Google tools which are supported on various PDA devices with data plans.  Users are strongly encouraged to protect the integrity of the data on their PDAs and smartphones through the use of device passwords and encryption.  Users are responsible for the security of any College-related data on their PDAs and smartphones.
  • In the event that a PDA or smartphone has been lost or stolen, the user is required to reset his/her WSC network password immediately.
  • Users are prohibited from storing PCI data on PDAs and smartphones
  • Information Technologies will provide applicable email/calendar support (on a limited basis) to College owned PDA devices.
  • Information to connect email and calendar is available at > under Gmail/Google.
  • See Network Acceptable Use Policy for more information.
Additonal Information:

Approved By: Don Vescio

Date of Origination: 6/27/2007

Last Review: 6/29/2010

Last modified at 6/29/2010 10:12 AM  by Vescio, Donald