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Policy for Signatory Authority on Grants - DRAFT

Worcester State University

Policy for Signature Authority on Grants


This policy outlines authority with regard to executing proposals, grants, and grant related contracts on behalf of Worcester State University.  It protects Worcester State University and its employees from legal liabilities and maintains compliance with university, state, federal, private, and other legislative regulations and requirements while performing research and project activities inherent in grants.



A Principal Investigator (PI), Project Director (PD), Department Head, or other faculty or staff employees of the University should never sign a grant proposal, grant or contract on behalf of Worcester State University. The authority to sign these types of documents rests with the University President and those to whom the authority has been delegated. The individuals/positions listed below have been given delegated signatory authority for grants, agreements and/or proposals and applications for grants as indicated. This policy does not preclude PI’S, PD’s, Department Heads, and other individuals from signing internal processing documents or the proposal or award if called for by the funding agency.

Delegated Signature Authority for:

·         Grant Proposals – To submit a grant proposal, a grant approval sheet must be completed with the following signature approvals: PI, Department Chair, Grant Officer, Provost or Area Vice President, and the Vice President for Administration and Finance.


·         Grant Awards - The Executive Leadership Team (ELT) approves the acceptance of a grant for the University.  The President of the University signs the acceptance of an award and thank you letter.  The Grant Coordinator will prepare a summary of the award for the ELT.


·         Grant Contracts – Contracts of less than $2,500 may be signed by the Principal Investigator; Contracts of more than $2,500 must be signed by the Vice President for Administration and Finance.  All grant related contracts must first go to the Grants Office for review.


·         Grant Purchasing documents, time and effort documents, and reporting documents must all be signed and certified by the PI or PD.

All documents related to a grant project, including but not limited to proposals, awards, payment vouchers and grant related contracts, must first be processed through the Grants Office.

For a contract to have validity and enforceability, it must be signed by the correct person with specific authority to sign on behalf of the University. If it is NOT signed by the correct person, the contract, grant, agreement, proposal or application is void and unenforceable.

Potential Consequences for Unauthorized Signatures

Any PI, PD, faculty or staff member who signs a grant proposal or award on behalf of Worcester State University without actual authority to do so assumes extensive personal legal liability. The following potential consequences should be considered:

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