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Printers and Printing


To ensure stable campus network printing environment and realize cost and support efficiencies.





Supported network printers will be maintained by the IT department at Worcester State College.  Local printers (printers that attach directly to a workstation) are not supported and may not be purchased by any business unit of the college.
Supported MFP devices will be maintained by an area of the Fiscal Affairs department.  This includes the Copy/Print/Scan/Fax all-in-one devices, toner requests, paper jams and functionality.  IT will provide documentation on its website (Labs/Printing area) when available.





In order to maintain a stable printing environment, ensure cost efficiency, and maximize limited  support resources, local printers attached to individual workstations are prohibited by the College, as per decision by the College President and Budget Committee.   As of April, 2003, all printers purchased by College funds must be network-addressable and approved by Information Technologies.
College network printers (non-MFP units)  will be repaired and/or replaced on an as-needed basis.  WSC IT department is responsible for determining end of life status.  All requests for repair, general maintenance, toner and/or replacement should be made to the IT Helpdesk. 
[Revision added 6/12/06]
All public use printers must be queued through the College's Pharos/OneCard system, as per decision by Fiscal and Academic Affairs.




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