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SIS Database Access


The purpose of this policy is to define access to the Colleague database.





It is the policy that security controls, including password assignment, are established and maintained by Administrative Services and will not be authorized without the prior written approval of the appropriate area supervisors.





In order to establish access to the Colleague database, all authorized users must have a completed 'Application for Colleague Account' form on file with administrative services. The completed form must be signed by the authorized user, the registrar, the VP of academic affairs, and the VP of Finance if requesting access to financial records. The budget manager also will need to complete the 'For Finance Use Only' section if the user will be creating or approving requisitions.
In order for a previously-authorized user to request additional access rights within Colleague, they must obtain written permission from the registrar for access to student information, or from the VP of Finance for access to financial information.
A user's access may be limited or removed at any time at the request of the registrar, the VP of Academic Affairs, the VP of Finance, or their area supervisor. Administrative Services also reserves the right to  limit or remove access from any user who is suspected of jeopardizing the integrity of the database or the confidentiality of the data therein. 




Additional Information:

Because of FERPA and local College regulations, students are not permitted access to Colleague.



Approved By: Don Vescio



Date of Origination: 7/28/2006



Last modified at 7/2/2009 7:25 PM  by Vescio, Donald