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SIS Software Update Policy


The purpose of this policy is to establish a consistent procedure for implementing and tracking system development and modifications related to the SIS software.





Information Technologies, in its efforts to keep current with SIS software, will monitor all software updates released by the vendor, identify any modifications made to the software in order to meet specific needs of the college, and adhere to specific conventions that will segregate in-house software development from the vendor's software.





Software updates released by the vendor
  • The SIS software vendor is Datatel.
  • Updates to the SIS software are generally released by Datatel on a daily basis.
  • With the exception of time-critical updates, Information Technologies will batch and install software updates on a monthly basis. Time-critical updates generally allow less time for testing and implementation.
  • The updates are first batched and installed in all test accounts on both servers.
  • Information Technologies notifies any users who will be impacted by these updates to review the related documentation and to perform any necessary testing prior to the software being installed in the production account.
  • Information Technologies allows a minimum of 1 week for testing purposes.
  • After sufficient testing has taken place, the updates are installed in the production account.
Modifications to the vendor software
  • It is occasionally necessary for Information Technologies to make modifications to the SIS software as it does not always meet the specific needs of the college.
  • The following conventions are adhered to in order to track these changes:
    • Duplicated and modified versions of the SIS software are renamed using the vendor's naming convention either preceded with an X or appended with our institution code (W58).
    • Modifications within a program are commented using our institution code (W58) as a reference.
    • A copy of the modified program is saved in the directory called CUSTOM.SOURCE
    • Document r17customsource.doc contains a detailed list of all customized code. It is updated as new modifications are made.
    • Modifications to the vendor software are developed and tested in the test account and only moved into production after sufficient testing.
In-house software development
  • Information Technologies uses various means of segregating in-house software development from the vendor's software.
  • Computed columns are named with a preceding X. Entries in the VOC (vocabulary) are generally coded with our institution code (W58), although, through various upgrades and releases, it has been necessary to name items with the release version included (R16, R17, R18).
  • Stand-alone subroutines and programs that are developed in-house are stored in a directory called WOR.SOURCE.
  • Software development is completed and fully tested in the test account prior to moving it into production.




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Approved By: Don Vescio



Date of Origination: 5/8/2008



Last modified at 7/2/2009 7:28 PM  by Vescio, Donald