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Student Right-to-Know Act



Effective October 1, 1998 Post-Secondary Institutions are required to notify currently enrolled and prospective students of the availability of certain information. The following information is available to current and prospective students from the following sources and locations:




Rights under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act.

Right to inspect and review student’s education records, University Catalog, Admissions Office


FFEL/Direct Loan Deferments for Peace Corps or Volunteer Service

Information regarding deferment of loan payments while performing volunteer service, The Student Guide, Financial Aid Office,


Available Financial Assistance

Various sources of financial aid and how to apply. Financial Aid Guide, Financial Aid Office


Institutional Information

Information regarding the University, University Catalog, Admissions Office


Completion and Graduation Rates

Annual graduation rates for full-time undergraduates who graduated within 6 years, Graduation Rate Report, Admissions Office. Other reports are available at


Campus Security Report

Statistics of criminal offenses for the three most recent calendar years concerning the occurrence of offenses involving students, Campus Security Report, Campus Police Office and as well as



Voter Registration

Voter registration forms must be available to all students

Voter Registration Forms for any state can be obtained at the following website, Massachusetts Voter Registration Form, Registrar’s Office

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