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Transport of a Student with Medical Emergency














When necessary, Student Health Services will assist the University  in ensuring transport of students with medical emergencies to the appropriate medical facility.









  1. An emergency illness or accident on University is to be immediately reported to University Police (ext 8044 or 8911).  All University Police officers are trained as first responders to assess medical emergencies.  An officer on duty will immediately respond to the emergency, will contact the Student Health Services Office for immediate response, and in consultation with SHS staff, shall assess the condition of the individual.
  2. If the individual requires transport to Student Health Services for further evaluation, University Police will provide transport via police vehicle/accompany the individual to Student Health Services.
  3. If the individual requires transport to a local medical facility, University Police will call EMS(911) for assistance.
  4. An emergency illness or accident, in Student Health Services, requiring a transport to a local medical facility, will be immediately reported to University Police.  University Police will call 911 for EMS support.
  5. As EMS arrives on campus, University Police (when made aware of situation) will escort EMS personnel to the location of the injured/ill individual, or to Student Health Services as needed.
  6. If an emergency illness or accident occurs at a time when SHS is closed, the University Police Officer responding to the incident will make an assessment and call EMS when necessary.
  7. If a person reporting an emergency illness or accident has any difficulty in contacting University Police and/or Student Health Services, he/she should call 911 for assistance.
  8. EMS personnel will be given appropriate demographic and medical history information regarding the individual involved in the incident.  For any student under 18 years of age, parent contact information will be provided.
  9. Student Health Services nurse practitioners will follow-up by phone call, with any student transported via EMS, to an area hospital, in the days following the transport and will provide ongoing care as necessary.
  10. Student Health Services and/or Worcester State University will not be responsible for any charges associated with emergency transport via EMS of an individual from campus.
  11. Any individual assessed to be in need of emergency transport via EMS, while in SHS, who refuses such transport, will sign a “refusal of recommended care” document at the time of the refusal.







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 S. Brownlee

Approved by Cabinet/Date


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Spring 2011





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