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State Ethics Compliance

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Please use this site to indicate you have:
1) Read the State Ethics Summary Statement (below); and 
2) Pasted your passing certificate information for the state ethics quiz. 
REMINDER:  There are 3 steps to complete this acknowledgement. 

[Please contact Human Resources if you have any questions regarding the Summary Statement's content or  contact the Help Desk if you experience any issues accessing the form.]

Before you begin, make sure that you are using Internet Explorer as your browser and are successfully logged into Sharepoint.  Look to the top-right of your display.  If you see the phrase, Welcome YOUR Last Name, First Name, you are logged in.  If not, click "Sign In" > and enter your username and password (see examples below you may need to include the correct domain wsc_domain\ with your username or if you have a Guest or Student Account- use   ACL\username).

Not Logged In:

 Successfully Logged In:


After you have confirmed successful log in, read and follow the steps listed below.

 Step One--State Ethics Summary Statement

You must acknowledge that you have read the State Ethics Summary no later than May 15, 2012.

To read the State Ethics Summary Statement, click on either of the links below:

State Ethics Summary Statement (PDF format)

State Ethics Summary Statement (MSWord format)

 Step Two--Complete State Ethics Online Training

The State Ethics Quiz must be completed no later than May 15, 2012.
Here you will find the State's online ethics training materials, this requires completion of an online quiz (be sure to have 15-30 minutes available for completion).  The training materials and quiz are located via the link below. 
When you have completed the quiz,
1) Highlight and copy [CTRL+C] the confirmation receipt (example below) you will receive (signifies that  you are in compliance with State Ethics training). 
2) Review Step THREE to Paste [Ctrl+V] the quiz confirmation receipt into your personal State Ethics Acknowledgement of Receipt form entry. 

Sample of Commission Receipt

 Step Three--Acknowledgement of Receipt Form

After you have read the State Ethics Summary, reviewed the training materials and taken the survey, click on the link below and respond to the WSU survey indicating your acknowledgement and to Paste in your Commission Receipt:

Acknowledgement of Receipt Form

Click on the button Respond to this Survey then enter your Last Name, First Name, Your Department and PASTE the Commission Receipt text into the space provided.
You must acknowledge that you have read the State Ethics Summary no later than May 15, 2012.

 Additional Instructions--Copy and Paste Your Quiz Confirmation Receipt

If you completed the WSU Acknowledgement of Receipt form, without including your Commission Receipt, you can still complete this step.  To paste the confirmation receipt* into your personal State Ethics Acknowledgement of Receipt form click on the link below.  This link will direct you to a master listing of all Receipt respondents; NOTE: The only Receipt that you will be able to view and edit is your own.
To edit your personal Receipt, click on the View Response # link associated with your name.  In your personal response screen, click the Edit button, and paste your quiz receipt in the final entry for your record. 
Reminder:  The State online ethics training program must be completed no later than May 15, 2012.
*Copy/Paste Instructions:
a) To copy and paste your receipt> highlight the receipt with your mouse> then press the [CTRL+C] keys. 
b) Open your personal Receipt record (see above)> to paste your receipt> click into the bottom field of your personal record and click the [CTRL+V] keys.

 Worcester State University Ethics Compliance