• 2020 Nursing Pinning Ceremony

    Dr. Lillian R. Goodman Department of Nursing

    Pinning ceremonies are a longstanding tradition signifying the completion of academic requirements for becoming a nurse and serve as a way of welcoming newly graduated nurses into the profession. The baccalaureate nursing graduates of Worcester State University class of 2020, listed below, have accomplished an enormous amount, despite the most uncertain of times.

    This virtual pinning ceremony aims to celebrate their dedication to their academics and their chosen profession. These graduates have earned their pin as a symbol of their hard work and their preparedness to serve their communities as nurses. This celebration will serve as a culmination of their time at Worcester State University. Their future is filled with endless possibilities.

    Congratulations graduates!


    Order of Ceremony

    Welcome & Remarks

    Greetings from the President of Worcester State University
    President Barry Maloney

    Greetings from the Dean of the School of Science, Technology, and Health
    Linda Larrivee, PhD

    Welcome and Introduction
    Paula Bylaska-Davies, PhD, RN,
    Chair and Associate Professor Dr. Lillian R. Goodman Department of Nursing

    Presentation of Awards

    Nursing Faculty Presentation of Student Awards
    Janna Trombley, MS, RN; Amanda Cornine, MS, RN, CNE

    Academic Achievement Awards 2019-2020

    Rachel Stier
    Ann “Annie” Dolan Nursing Award for Compassion

    James Frederick
    The Dr. Lillian R. Goodman Award

    Olivia Saisa
    The Dr. Paula L. Dufresne-Sullivan Humanitarian Award

    Laura Ernst
    Fairlawn Rehabilitation Hospital Award for Nursing Clinical Excellence

    Laura Fuertes
    The Worcester State Foundation Nursing Academic Major Award

    Melissa Ledbetter
    Dr. Jean and Michael Campaniello Nursing Award

    Nursing Pinning Ceremony Awards 2019-2020

    Clinical Excellence in the Art and Science of Nursing
    Florence Nightingale Award
    Nurse of the Future
    Student Nursing Association

    Presentation of Pins

    Each graduate selected a significant person in their life to pin them.

    Worcester State University Pre-Licensure Graduates

    Brian Buachie Aphram
    Kelly N. Austin*+
    Mallory Joelyn Breen*+
    Virginia L. Chacon Lopez*
    Erica M. Charbonneau
    Abigail J. Chrisafideis
    Elizabeth S. Croteau
    Tina C. DiCicco
    Caitlyn E. Dowd*+
    Olivia J. Durocher*
    Dong Liang Dzindolet*+
    Samantha E. Ellis*
    Laura E. Ernst*+
    Katherine Mary Gagnon*+
    Karalyn E. Gallella
    Grady O. Harris*+
    Samantha A. Howe
    Thatilla Jacob
    Megan Ann LaMonda*+
    Shaye Marie Lane
    Kenzie M. McCormick
    Miriam A. Mendez*
    Mary W. Muthiora
    Michelle Louise Luna Paspe*+
    Colette A. Patenaude*+
    Danielle M. Pugsley*
    Jacquelynn K. Rondeau**+
    Olivia R. Saisa
    Gabriela DaCosta Saliga*
    Katherine V. Shreve
    Katelyn Elizabeth Stevens
    Rachel Olivia Stier**+
    Keara Ann Sullivan*+
    Ayeh Tanteh**+
    Casey M. Trefry*+
    Chanelle A. Venturini
    Megan E. Villemaire
    Shavonne Yoho**
    Minrong Zheng

    Worcester State University RN-BS Graduates

    Judith A. Allen
    Veronica A. Campoverde
    Anita M. Carbone
    Lindsay J. Carlson
    Kristin M. Carpenter
    Lediana Cerri
    Jodi Rae Darby
    Son H. Dinh
    James D. Frederick
    Laura Lee Fuertes
    Danielle S. Gomes
    Carmen M. Hicks
    Alex J. Hidenfelter
    Catherine W. Kamwithi*+
    Bridget Leigh Kupfer
    Shauna R. Kutzko
    Mai N. Ly*
    Danielle J. Meservey
    Jackline N. Mutitu
    Kim L. Phan
    Angeli D. Rivera
    Benita Sarno

    * Denotes Cum Laude Honors
    ** Denotes Magna Cum Laude Honors
    + Denotes induction into Sigma Theta Tau Honors Society, Iota Phi Chapter

    The Florence Nightingale Pledge

    Caitlin Dowd, Student Nurses Association President

    I solemnly pledge in the presence of this assembly to practice my profession faithfully. I will abstain from whatever is deleterious and will not take or administer any harmful drug. I will do all in my power to maintain and elevate the standards of my profession and will hold in confidence all personal matters committed to my keeping and all family affairs coming to my knowledge in the practice of my profession. I will endeavor to collaborate with all of the members of the healthcare team and devote myself to the welfare of those committed to my care.

    Passing of the Lamp

    Caitlin Dowd, Student Nurses Association President

    Quinn Ferreira, Student Nurses Association President-Elect


    Worcester State University Administrators

    Barry M. Maloney, President
    Lois Wims, Ph.D., Provost and Vice President, Academic Affairs
    Linda Larrivee, Ph.D., Dean, School of Science, Technology, and Health
    Roberta Kyle, Ed.D., Associate VP for Continuing Education & Dean of Graduate Studies
    Sara Grady, M.B.A., Associate Dean for Graduate Studies & Professional Development

    Dr. Lillian R. Goodman Department of Nursing Faculty

    Paula Bylaska-Davies, Ph.D, RN Chair and Associate Professor of Nursing

    William Chadbourne, MS, RN
    Stephanie Chalupka, Ed.D, RN, PHCNS-BC, FAAOHN, FNAP
    Amanda Cornine, MS, RN, CNE
    Melissa Duprey, Ed.D., MSN, RN, CNE
    Cheryl Hersperger, Ph.D, RN, PHNA-BC
    Karen Hunt, MS, RN, RD, CNE
    Theresa Khoury, DNP, RN
    Angela Latter, MS, RN
    Robyn Leo, MS, RN
    Julia McNeil, MSN, RN
    Michelle Page, DNP, RN
    Danielle Shaver, MS, RN, CNE
    Janna Trombley, MS, RN

    Dr. Lillian R. Goodman Department of Nursing Staff

    Gina Fleury, MS, RN: Clinical Resource Coordinator
    Deirdre Palmer, MS, RN: Clinical Skills Lab Coordinator
    Liz DelSignore: BS, RN: LPN to BS Coordinator
    Amy Poehler: Administrative Assistant
    Claudia Cullen: Clerk

    National Student Nurses Association, Worcester State University Chapter

    Angela Latter, MS, RN: Student Nurses Association Faculty Co-Advisor
    Danielle Shaver, MS, RN, CNE: Student Nurses Association Faculty Co-Advisor

    Senior Student Officers

    Caitlin Dowd: Student Nurses Association President
    Casey Trefry: Student Nurses Association Vice President
    Megan LaMonda: Student Nurses Association Treasurer
    Liang Dzindolet: Student Nurses Association Secretary and MaSNA Secretary
    Laura Ernst: Student Nurses Association Community Awareness Chair and MaSNA Population and Global Health Chair
    Ayeh Tanteh: MaSNA Region 3 Chair

    Pinning Committee 2020

    Dr. Lillian R. Goodman Department of Nursing Worcester State University

    Faculty Advisors

    Amanda Cornine, MS, RN, CNE
    Karen Hunt, MS, RN, RD, CNE

    Staff Members

    Claudia Cullen, Clerk
    Amy Poehler, Administrative Assistant

    Senior Student Members

    Jodi Darby
    Caitlin Dowd
    Dong Liang Dzindolet
    Megan Lamonda
    Danielle Pugsley
    Rachel Stier
    Casey Trefry