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    Allison L. Dunn

    Contact Information
    Office ST-310 N

    B.A., Oberlin College (1996)
    M.A., Ph.D., Harvard University (2003, 2006)

    Curriculum Vitae

  • Courses Taught

    My teaching focuses on engaging students with the process of science. I do so through data-driven and case-based approaches towards scientific investigation and writing projects emphasizing critical analysis of data and literature. Courses taught include:

    • Physical Geography
    • Meteorology
    • Hydrology
    • Contemporary Climate Change
    • Biogeography

    My research uses principles from the geosciences, biology, and chemistry to understand the terrestrial carbon cycle. Areas of focus include ecosystem response to climate, urbanization effects on carbon fluxes and pools, and how forest management affects atmospheric carbon sequestration. Much of my research is locally-based and designed to facilitate undergraduate participation. Active projects include:

    • Measuring carbon fluxes and pools in regenerating New England forests and system response to disturbance events such as the December 2008 ice storm
    • Assessing and quantifying carbon metabolism across the urban-rural gradient of Boston to Petersham, MA. This includes installation of a high-resolution atmospheric carbon dioxide sensor on the roof of the Science and Technology building at Worcester State University.
    • Enhancing the diversity of the geosciences with a program integrating teacher training, high school internships, and college credit for high schoolers.
    • Continuing my dissertation research investigating the long-term carbon balance of a boreal black spruce forest, Thompson, Manitoba, Canada.

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    Honors and Grants
    National Aeronautic and Space Administration, Sept. 2012 – Aug. 2015, $1,150,000
    “4-D Modeling of the Regional Carbon Cycle in and Around Urban Environments: An  Interdisciplinary Study to Advance Observational and Modeling Foundations”
    Principal Investigator: Mark Friedl, Boston University

    Co-Investigators: Kelly Chance (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics), Allison Dunn, Lucy Hutyra (Boston University), Steven Wofsy (Harvard University), Curtis Woodcock (Boston University),

    WSU Alden Excellence in Teaching Award, May 2011, $500

    WSC Davis Grant, June 2010, $300
    Grant to develop a Math Across the Curriculum course for the Liberal Arts and Science Curriculum during Summer 2010.

    National Science Foundation, Directorate of Geosciences, Sept. 2009 – Aug. 2012, $199,710 “Creating a Pipeline for Diversity in the Geosciences: A Sustainability-based Approach”
    Principal Investigator: William Hansen
    Co-Investigators: Allison Dunn, Stephen Healy

    National Science Foundation, Directorate of Geosciences, Sept. 2009 – Mar. 2012, $300,000
    “Metabolism of Boston”
    Principal Investigator: Nathan Phillips, Boston University
    Listed Collaborator: Allison Dunn

    WSC Davis Grant, November 2008, $882
    Grant to attend the Association of American Colleges and Universities conference entitled “Engaging Science, Advancing Learning”, Providence, RI, November 6-8, 2008.

    WSC Mini-Grant, July 2008 – June 2009, $2600
    “Sequestration of atmospheric carbon dioxide in regenerating New England forests: quantifying pools and constraining fluxes”
    Principal Investigator: Allison Dunn

    National Science Foundation, Division of Undergraduate Education, July 2008, $300
    Award to support attendance at “Teaching Undergraduate Geosciences in the 21st Century” workshop, St. Olaf & Carleton Colleges, July 14-17 2008.

    WSC Davis Grant, July 2008, $1915
    Grant sponsoring departmental workshop for development of courses for Worcester State College's  Liberal Arts and Science curriculum

    NASA NNG05GA76G, August 2004 – July 2005, $86,999.
    "Fluxes of Carbon, Water, and Energy in a Boreal Forest-Peat Ecosystem: Short-Term Variance, Long-term Trends, and Sensitivity to Climate"
    Principal Investigator: Steven Wofsy

    American Meteorological Society Outstanding Oral Presentation Award, 2004, $75
    Awarded for the presentation “Whole forest and understory measurement of carbon dioxide fluxes at a boreal black spruce forest”. Presented at American Meteorological Society 26th Conf. on Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, Vancouver, BC, August 23-26 2004.

    NASA NGT5-30366, September 2001 – August 2004, $70,000.
    “Hydrological and Environmental Controls on the Carbon Balance of Boreal Forests” Earth System Science Graduate Fellowship

    Harvard University Web Pedagogies Fellowship, June 2001, $300
    Supported participation in week-long Web Pedagogies workshop investigating ways to incorporate web-based technologies into the classroom.

    NASA NAG5-7534, June 1998 – May 2002, $1,159,850.
    “Long-Term Net Ecosystem Exchange at the Boreas Northern Old Black Spruce Site: Mechanisms for Response to Climatic Variation”
    Principal Investigator: Steven Wofsy

    National Science Foundation Research Experiences for Undergraduates Program, 1995, $1200
    Supported undergraduate thesis work in Cyprus