• Alternatives for Individual Training (A.I.D.)

    The Alternatives for Individual Development Program (A.I.D.) is an alternative admissions program at Worcester State College which provides educational assistance for students who may require support services in order to succeed in college.

    Participation in the program begins with six (6) weeks in AID Summer Bridge Program (June/July.)

    While the primary focus is during freshman year, however, the program offers additional to upperclassmen throughout their undergraduate experience, including academic assistance, individualized or group tutoring, assistance with budgeting/financial aid advising and cultural enrichment.

    The program actively recruits students who show motivation and desire to succeed in higher education. Included in this category are ALANA, low-income and first generation students.

    In order to be eligible, students must be incoming freshmen, meet minimal admissions requirements, and be a Massachusetts resident and a U.S. citizen and/or permanent legal resident.

    When completing your Worcester State College application, answer “yes” to the question “I wish to be considered for admission to the Alternatives for Individual Development Program.” You can find this question under the Enrollment section of the Undergraduate Application. Letters of recommendation from guidance counselors and high school teachers are encouraged to complete the application file. In some cases an interview may be required.

    Summer Bridge Components

    Student will take approximately 9-12 credits pertaining to their general LASC graduation requirements. Students must receive a C or better on all coursework. Educational and transitional support is offered over the summer including, small group skills building, financial aid advising and academic advising.

    Academic Year Component Support Services

    • A.I.D. Learning Community LC 193
    • Peer mentorship
    • Monthly academic support network
    • Budget management and degree planning
    • Student-faculty mentorship
    • Individualized skills development
    • Course tutorials
    • Eligibility for Summer Vision Grant courses
    • Young Mens Group
    • Women Circle