• Applied Music Lesson Application


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    Indicate your expected classification during the semester:
    (Freshman 0-29 credit hours, Sophomore 30-59, Junior 60-89, Senior 90-120)
    Which instrument (including voice) would you like to study?
    Indicate the length of experience with the instrument (or voice) listed above.

    Have you taken private lessons in the past?

    If you selected yes, approximately how long did you study and with whom?

    Do you read musical notation?
    If you checked yes, indicate your skill level in reading notation:
    If applying for guitar lessons, do you read tabs?
    Indicate any music courses you are currently taking or have completed.
    Include courses taken at WSU or other colleges and universities as well as an experiences during high school or middle school.


    Do you play any other instruments besides the one for which you are applying?

    If yes, what instrument?
    How did you learn of the opportunity for lessons at WSU?


    If you experience difficulty when attempting to submit, email Professor Kyle Martin.