• Option 2: Pre-Record Your Lectures

    Teaching Remotely using Blackboard

    Watch: Presenting PowerPoint in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

    If you are not comfortable presenting live, another good option is to pre-record any lecture material and upload it to Blackboard. We recommend that you pre-record lectures using Blackboard Collaborate.

    The Tech Side

    • In PowerPoint, go to Insert pull down menu choose the audio option. Select Record Audio. You can go slide by slide to record a voice over.

    Pedagogical Recommendations

    • Keep videos short and lively. It is often harder to focus on a video than on a person!
    • Test your microphone to make sure that you have good sound quality. Consider using a headset with an external microphone to capture better audio.
    • Consider ADA compliance. Automatic closed-captioning is not perfect. Speak clearly and not too quickly to make the content as accurate as possible. Upload your videos to YouTube to take advantage of their automatic (though not perfect) closed-captioning.
    • Integrate interaction with the lecture material. You might consider setting up a discussion board with some specific questions, using a quiz, or setting up a chat session for a text-based live discussion.

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