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    Carlos Fontes

    Contact Information
    Office L-303C

    B.A., Escola Superior de Meios de Communicacao Social, Lisbon
    M.A., Ph.D., University of Massachusetts

    Carlos Fontes is professor of communication and a member of the Global Studies Program Advisory Board. For seven years he lead the effort to establish the Global Studies Concentration at WSU and was the program’s first director. He has also developed the concentration’s core course GL 150 Introduction to Global Studies. His interest in global issues led him 15 years ago, to establish a working relationship with the Sarayaku tribe after a fortuitous meeting with one of their leaders in Quito, Ecuador during a sabbatical leave. Since then Dr. Fontes has visited the Sarayaku numerous times on a personal basis and also with students as the instructor for the course Amazon Expedition: Globalization, oil and indigenous survival. Dr. Fontes has published work on alternative and indigenous media and globalization and presented his research on the relationship between humans and technology at various national and international conferences.

  • Courses Taught
    • Journalism and Democracy
    • Introduction to Global Studies
    • Introduction to Mass Communication
    • Visual Media Literacy
    • Documentary Production
    • Amazon Expedition: Globalization, Oil and Indigenous Survival
    • Communication Research
    Alternative Communication
    A. Mapping the Field of Independent Media in the Post Newspaper News Environment

    Technology and Society
    A. The Representation of the Relationship between Humans and Technology in Magazine Advertising.

    A. Possible Futures
    B. The Emergent Global Paradigm: Alternatives to corporatocracy in the economy, science, sociability, culture and technology
    C. Adaptation to rapidly changing global conditions

    Fontes C. (2009).  The Global Turn of the Alternative Media Movement. In Kevin Howley (Ed.) Understanding Community Media.  Sage Publications.  Thousand Oaks CA.

    Fontes C. (2006). A Passion for Peace and Justice: Indymedia the global voice from Below. In Ralph Berenger (Ed.) Cybermedia Go to War.  Role of converging media during and after the 2003 Iraq war. Spokane WA: Marquette Books LLC

    Fontes, C. (2002). Alternative video: Community, culture and counter-hegemony. In J. B. Miranda & J. F. Silveira (Eds.). As ciências da comunicação na viragem do século (600-607). Lisbon: Vega.

    Fontes, C. (1999). The multifarious preferences of the text. Bilblioteca On-line de Ciencias da Comunicção (On-line Library of Communication Sciences)

    Honors and Grants
    Fulbright Scholar. July-October 2010. Catholic University of Buenos Aires. Argentina

    Fulbright Scholar, March-June 2004. University of Beira Interior, Covilhã, Portugal.

    Worcester State College Faculty Development Grant ($4,000) to study the Representation of the Relationships between Humans, Technology and Nature in Magazine Advertising. Spring 2000.

    Worcester State College Faculty Development Grant ($3,000) to organize the first Worcester State College Undergraduate Research and Creative Works Conference. Spring 1998.