Studios and Facilities

  • Ceramics Studio

    Experience wheel-throwing, hand-building, mold-making, and 5 ways to fire

    Our Ceramics Studio is a 4,000-square-foot facility with an additional 1,200 square feet of outdoor kiln area. We teach a broad range of classes—from entry-level to advanced, through one-day workshops and multi-week sessions. In addition to wheel-throwing, glaze, and hand-building studio areas, there are semi-private studios for resident artists.

    Equipped to support a range of ceramic forming and finishing processes, the Ceramics Studio can accommodate throwing, slip-casting, clay sculpture, tile making, glaze development, mold making, and ceramic design.

    With the 2013 renovation of the Ceramics Studio, our students and artists now enjoy 5 kilns and firing types: raku, electric oxidation, gas reduction, sodium vapor, and wood-fueled firing. The renovation was supported by capital funds from Worcester State University matched by the Stoddard Charitable Trust and the Fletcher Foundation. The main studio areas are open and well-lit by natural skylights, as are the studios for the resident artists.

    Ceramic equipment includes:


    • Custom-built Bailey 18C Sodium Vapor/Reduction-Fired Gas Kiln
    • Bailey 48/31 Shuttle Gas Kiln
    • Single-chamber cross-draft wood kiln
    • L&L DaVinci Series 12-cubic-foot computerized electric kiln
    • 2 Skutt KM 1027 computerized 7-cubic-foot electric kilns
    • Skutt KS 1018 manual 4.2-cubic-foot electric kiln
    • Olympic Hot Box computerized test kiln
    • 2 raku kilns

    Potters Wheels

    • 20 Brent C, CXC, and Shimpo RK-Whisper potter’s wheels
    • 2 Randall kick-wheels

    Clay Mixing

    • Soldner Pro Model clay mixer


    • 24+ Cone Ten Studio glazes and slips
    • Well-stocked glaze lab with ventilated mixing table
    • Ventilated Laguna Pro-V spray booth
    • Extensive inventory of glaze raw materials
    • Lightnin Glaze Mixer and Jiffy Mixer
    • Various digital and analog scales

    Additional Equipment

    • North Star 24" slab roller
    • Brent 4” extruder
    • Bailey 4” extruder
    • Slip-O-Matic slip tank
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