• Chemistry Research

    Collaborating with your professors on research projects will reinforce classroom learning and expose you to best research practices. Here, you will have the opportunity to join in faculty-led undergraduate research on topics like organic chemistry, bioanalytical chemistry, and inorganic and molecular modeling. We also promote interdisciplinary research with other Worcester State departments in physics, biology, and the natural sciences. We recognize these remarkable student-faculty collaborations at our annual Celebration of Scholarship and Creativity. Recent projects include:

    • Phthalates in Nail Polish
    • Computational Investigation of Reaction Mechanism of HNO with Thiols
    • Hydrogen Storage in Metal-Decorated Graphene Systems
    • Introducing Instrumental Analysis of Forensic Evidence at Worcester State University
    • Density Functional Theory Computation of the Individual Stabilization Energy Contributions of Individual Hydrogen Bonding Interactions in the Guanine Tetramer
    • Nitroxyl Reactions with Selenoproteins: A Novel Approach to Cancer Therapy
    • Estrogen in the Blackstone River and its Effect on Tadpole Development
    • DFT Study of the Dissociation of Molecular Hydrogen over Nickel-Decorated Graphene