• Chemistry Research

    Collaborating with your professors on research projects will reinforce classroom learning and expose you to best research practices. Here, you will have the opportunity to join in faculty-led undergraduate research on topics like organic chemistry, bioanalytical chemistry, and inorganic and molecular modeling. We also promote interdisciplinary research with other Worcester State departments in physics, biology, and the natural sciences. We recognize these remarkable student-faculty collaborations at our annual Celebration of Scholarship and Creativity. Recent projects include:

    • The Removal of Phosphates from an Aqueous Solution Using a Bicomposite Metal
    • C-H Activation and Functionalization of Arenes Using Ir Catalysts
    • Hybrid Quantum/Molecular Mechanic Study on the Reaction Mechanism of Nitroxyl and Thiol Derivatives
    • Computational Analysis of the Stabilization Energy Contributions of Individual Hydrogen Bonding Interactions in Parallel-Stacked Guanine Tetraplexes
    • Iridium Complex as Catalyst for C-C Bond Formation
    • Experimental and Computational Investigation of Molybdenum Complex Isomerization Kinetics
    • What’s in Your Apples?
    • Phosphate in Detergents: A Greener Spectroscopic Method
    • Stabilization of Chelating Complexes Using Computational Analysis
    • Phosphate Analysis of Water Bodies in Central Massachusetts
    • Dissociative Spillover Mechanism of Molecular Hydrogen on Nickel-Decorated Graphene

    Ghosh Science & Technology Center
    Suite  ST-410