• Diversity Advisory Council

    Worcester State University’s Diversity Advisory Council considers and makes recommendations to the Diversity, Inclusion, Affirmative Action, and Equal Opportunity Office regarding WSU’s diversity efforts. The committee works collaboratively to:

    • Embrace an inclusive diversity definition
    • Identify ways to increase campus diversity
    • Share information on campus diversity initiatives (speakers, activities, etc.)
    • Help support the efforts of WSU's campus-wide diversity initiatives
    • Monitor and offer suggestions for improving the campus climate
    • Recommend institutional goals related to diversity
    • Identify priorities in achieving diversity goals
    • Develop evaluation methods to determine progress in achieving goals

    The council’s membership consists of faculty, staff, and students interested in helping WSU achieve its diversity goals.

    Council Members

    • Kate Baldor
    • Robert Brooks
    • Charles Brownlee
    • Kirsh Donis
    • Patrick Hare
    • Suzanne Kiniry
    • Mary Jo Marion
    • Kristie McNamara
    • Emanuel Nneji
    • Katey Palumbo
    • Nancy Ramsdell
    • Champika "K" Soysa
    • Marcela Uribe-Jennings
    • Marc Wagoner