• Fynan_Ellen_Biology

    Ellen F. Fynan

    Contact Information
    Office ST-310G

    B.S., University of Maine
    Ph.D., Thomas Jefferson University

  • Courses Taught
    BI 112 Diseases and Mankind
    BI 204 Microbiology
    BI 206 Medical Microbiology
    BI 372 Immunology
    BI 375 Virology
    BI 404 Biology Seminar
    BI 937 Molecular Virology
    Research interests include microbial interactions with the host and the environment; public health; microbiology education

    Representative publications:

    Bradley, P.M., Johansen, H.W., Smyth, A.P., Fynan, E.F., Tracy, R.,  Poutwater Pond: A peat bog in  Holden, Massachusetts. 2014.

    E.F. Fynan, M.R. Hunt, P. Dowling, J. Auguste, A.P. Smyth, P.M. Bradley. 2009. Natural antibiotic resistance of bacteria isolated from a peat bog at Poutwater Pond, Holden, Massachusetts. Bios 80 (1):9-13.

    E.F. Fynan, H.L. Robinson, R.G. Webster. 1993. Use of DNA encoding Influenza hemagglutinin as an avian influenza vaccine. DNA and Cell Biology 12:785-789.

    E.F. Fynan, R.G. Webster, D.H. Fuller, J.R. Haynes, J.C. Santoro, H.L. Robinson. 1993. DNA  vaccines: protective immunizations by parenteral, mucosal, and gene-gun inoculations. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science 90:11478-11482.

    E.F. Fynan, D.L. Ewert, T.M. Block. 1993. Latency and reactivation of Marek's disease virus in B lymphocytes transformed by avian leukosis virus. Journal of General Virology 74:2163-2170.

    Honors and Grants
    H.L. Robinson, E.F. Fynan, R.G. Webster. Immunization by Inoculation of DNA Transcriptional Unit. Patent #5,643,578. Issued July 1, 1997.