William Hansen


My current research examines the changing landscape of New England and the potential impact on climate change and human interaction with the landscape that results from this process. I employ Geospatial Technologies such as geographic information systems, remote sensing and GPS technology to examine our environment and human influence on the environment. An ongoing project is to examine changes in the forests of Central Massachusetts using The continuous evolution of human interactions with the environment in terms of resource use, regulation, recreation and changing viewpoints on all these processes provide a wealth of possible study. I strive to provide students with knowledge and skills needed to examine these issues as well as encouraging them to think creatively about problem solving and their role in our future world.


City University of New York Graduate Center
Hunter College, City University of New York
State University of New York at Albany
Skills Geographic Information Systems Remote Sensing


  • Papers
Spatial Analysis of Forest Damage in Central Massachusetts Resulting from the December 2008 Ice Storm Read More


GS 165

Geographic Information System

Introduction to the digital production of maps using ArcGIS software.
4 credits
GS 218

Introduction to Remote Sensing

Introduction to the use and analysis of remotely sensed images such as aerial photographs and satellite imagery.
3 credits
GS 318

Geographic Information Systems II

Advanced production of digital maps using a GIS vector oriented software
3 credits