• Fall First-Year Student Placement Day

    The Academic Success Center works closely with you as you begin your journey to becoming a student at Worcester State University. The ASC is here to help make your transition a successful one, and the best way to start is by following the steps outlined below.

    If at any point during the process you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 508-929-8139.

  • Step 1: Set up your WSU email account

    If you have not already retrieved your username and password (from your deposit confirmation letter), follow the instructions shown in the video below. You will need to set up your WSU username, email and password in order to sign up for a Placement Day and also take your Placement Tests.

    Password Retrieval for New Students

    Step 2: Sign Up for a Placement Day

    Students: Sign up for a Placement Day.

    At a Placement Day, students will take placement tests in Math and English. You will also complete a Fall Schedule Questionnaire, which will assist the Academic Success Center in building your first semester schedule. Your first semester classes are based on your placement test results, academic major and your responses on the Fall Schedule Questionnaire.

    Sign Up for your Placement Day

    Note: Students may register for only one event.

    Attendance at a Placement Day is required for all First-Year students. Seven dates are currently available beginning in April. Note that some dates are paired with Parent Orientation.

    Parents: Please sign up separately to attend Parent Orientation.

    If you don’t attend a Placement Day

    If you do not attend a Placement Day before Orientation in June, an academic advisor in the Academic Success Center will create one for you without your preferences. You will still be required to take a placement test at a later time. It is important to attend a Placement Day so that you can have the most input into your course schedule.

    Step 3: Check your WSU Email often
    After attending a Placement Day, an Academic Advisor will contact you with your course schedule and the results of your placement tests via email. The Academic Success Center will also send important emails to you through out the summer to prepare you for September!
    Step 4: Sign Up for Orientation

    Now that you have completed the registration process, remember to sign up for a new student orientation session.

    First-Year Orientation Information