• Fall First-Year Student Registration Day

    At this event, students will take a college placement test and complete an Academic Interest Form. This will assist the Academic Success Center in building your first semester schedule. Your first semester classes are based on your placement test results, academic major and your responses on the Academic Interest Form. After attending a Registration Day, an Academic Advisor will contact you with your course schedule and the results of your placement tests via email.

    Attendance at a Student Registration Day is mandatory for all new students. Lunch is included on our Registration Days that are paired with Parent Orientation.

  • Step 1: Sign Up for a Registration Day

    Students: Sign up for a Registration Day.

    Sign Up for your Registration Day

    Note: Students may register for only one event.

    Parents: Please sign up separately to attend Parent Orientation.

    Step 2: Placement Testing

    All new students take placement tests to determine math and writing courses at WSU. It is important to understand that the results of these tests will help shape your first semester. These tests must be completed in order for the Academic Success Center to build your first semester schedule of courses.

    Accuplacer Math and Writing are the tests that WSU uses to place students into the proper coursework. These tests may be taken offsite in place of attending a Registration Day at WSU.

    Below are your options for taking the placement test as an alternative to coming to campus for a Registration Day:

    1. At your High School: If you have taken Accuplacer at your high school, please let us know and email your scores to
    2. On Campus at WSU: Each day, we offer testing appointments for new students. Please call the office at 508-929-8219 to set up a time.
    3. From Home: Email to learn more about how to take Accuplacer from home.

    Watch this video to introduce yourself to Accuplacer and learn about the role it plays in your first semester.

    Prior to taking the test, you should review for the Accuplacer in the following ways:

    • Create an account to access the free Accuplacer Study Guide.
    • Watch the Mometrix Test Prep Channel on YouTube as a way to focus on specific concepts and prepare.
    • Register for an account with Khan Academy. This is a free service that offers practice exercises, instructional videos, and a personalized learning dashboard that empower learners to study at their own pace in and outside of the classroom.

    Any other questions can be directed to our Testing Coordinator at

    Step 3: Sign Up for Orientation

    Now that you have completed the registration process, remember to sign up for a new student orientation session.

    First-Year Orientation Information