• Map Your Path to a Rewarding Career in Health Sciences

    Whether you choose to enter graduate school or the workforce after graduation, you will have the knowledge and practical experience you need to succeed.

    In a survey of 2017 graduates, 84% of respondents said that they either agree or strongly agree that their academic program prepared them for employment. What’s more, 89% of 2017 graduates reported that they are employed, enrolled in graduate school, or both. A bachelor’s degree in health sciences enables you to earn a median annual salary that ranges from:

    Our graduates have gone on to advanced study in fields like education, medicine, and nursing. Other alumni pursue careers in civic organizations, government agencies, health-care centers, hospitals, and schools.

    Sample Graduate Schools

    • Boston University
    • MCPHS University
    • UMass Amherst
    • UMass Medical School
    • Wheelock College

    Sample Recent Employers

    • Area public schools
    • Edward M. Kennedy Community Health Center
    • Harvard University
    • Massachusetts Department of Public Health

    Sample Careers

    • Public Health Doctor
      Physician who focuses on public health, oftentimes splitting time between clinical care and office work related to public health interventions, research, or education
    • Tropical Disease Expert
      Helps prevent the spread of tropical diseases
    • HIV Specialist
      Works with patients with HIV and helps prevent transmission
    • Management Policy Advisor
      Advises and analyzes organizations
    • Child Health Specialist
      Develops and implements programs to protect and advance the health of all children
    • Public Health Veterinarian
      Helps prevent the spread of disease from humans to animals, and animals to humans
    • Public Health Lawyer
      Protect public health programs and draft policies to help improve the public’s health
    • Human Rights Advocate
      Promotes human rights and assists victims of human rights violations
    • Director of Family Health
      Helps run public health centers
    • Public Health Engineer
      Helps ensure safe work environments
    • Health Center Administrator, Manager, or Director
      Helps run healthcare facilities
    • Industrial Hygienist
      Helps reduce workplace dangers
    • Refugee Specialist
      Advocates for and assists refugees and asylum seekers
    • State and Federal Environmental Specialist
      Identify environmental threats related to disease
    • Staff of Non-Governmental Organization
      Runs organizations
    • Public Health Professor
      Teaches public health
    • Mental Health Researcher
      Researches causes and interventions for mental illness
    • Outcomes Researcher
      Research links between health practices and outcomes
    • Vaccine Researcher
      Research and advance vaccines
    • Bioterrorism Researcher
      Understand and prepare for diseases related to biological warfare
    • Pharmacoepidemiologist
      Studies drug effects at a population level
    • Epidemiologist
      Helps identify and prevent public health problems
    • Infection Preventionist
      Work to reduce the spread of infectious disease
    • Biostatistician
      Researches public health using statistics
    • Domestic Violence Prevention and Treatment Administrator
      Implements programs to prevent domestic violence and protect those affected
    • Human Trafficking Prevention and Rehabilitation Administrator
      Implements programs preventing human trafficking or assisting victims
    • Emergency Preparedness Specialist
      Specializes in emergency preparedness education and training
    • Public Health or Environmental Health Emergency Response Expert
      Coordinates responses to health emergencies
    • Academic Policy Advisor
      Prepare and advise public health educational programs
    • Health Communications Specialist
      Works for public or private organizations to promote healthy lifestyle choices
    • Disease Ecologist
      Researches and evaluates ecological changes of pathogens and disease
    • Health Promotions Program Coordinator
      Manages and plans health promotion programs
    • Nutritionist
      Educates patients regarding nutrition guidelines
    • Public Health Information Officer
      Provides the public with information on disease prevention
    • Public Health Consultant
      Implement policies to improve public health
    • Consumer Safety Officer
      Ensure FDA regulations are enforced
    • Behavioral Health Program Coordinator
      Provides services through mental health providers
    • Environmental Health Technician
      Implements environmental health programs
    • Health Teacher
      Improves health awareness through education
    • Disaster Preparedness Researcher
      Create plans related to natural disasters
    • Community Health Worker
      Connects the community to human services
    • Reproductive Health Specialist
      Provides information and support to the public related to reproduction and STDs
  • Julie Cohen

    Julie Cohen Testimonial Image
    Class of 2019
    Career goal: job as a nurse
    Activities: member of Phi Eta Sigma and Eta Sigma Gamma honor societies, 2017 sophomore recipient of the Sheehan Achievement Award, campus events staff member

    Julie Cohen is in the public health/pre-nursing program, taking 83 credits in public health at WSU before entering an accelerated nursing program at MCPHS University. The dual-major program is perfect because she wants to understand how health works on both the micro and macro levels. “I love to question things to understand them better,” she says. “Talking and working something out is more beneficial than just reading or learning about it. You absorb it better.”


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