• Henry C. Theriault

    Contact Information
    Office S-316B
    B.A., Princeton University
    Ph.D., University of Massachusetts
    Henry C. Theriault is currently Professor in and Chair of the Philosophy Department at Worcester State University in the United States, where he has taught since 1998. From 1999 to 2007, he coordinated the University’s Center for the Study of Human Rights. He earned his B.A. in English from Princeton University and his Ph.D. in Philosophy from the University of Massachusetts, with specializations in social and political as well as continental philosophy. Theriault’s expertise is in genocide and human rights studies, and his research focuses on reparations, victim-perpetrator relations, genocide denial, genocide prevention, and mass violence against women and girls. Since 2007, he has chaired the Armenian Genocide Reparations Study Group and is lead author of its March 2015 final report, Resolution with Justice. He has published numerous journal articles and chapters in the area of genocide studies. (See a list of recently published works below.)

    He has lectured and given panel papers around the world, including in Armenia, Turkey, the Mountainous Karabakh Republic, Lebanon, Australia, Japan, South Korea, Rwanda, Britain, France, Belgium, Italy, Argentina, Canada, and across the United States. During the summer of 2013 he was based at Griffith University Mt. Gravatt as a visiting scholar at the Australian National Research Council’s Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security, where he investigated the impact of humanitarian military intervention on levels of violence against and exploitation of women and girls. He is founding co-editor of the peer-reviewed Genocide Studies International (International Institute for Genocide and Human Rights Studies and University of Toronto Press) and was recently named co-editor of Transaction Publishers’ Genocide: A Critical Bibliographic Review. From 2007 to 2012 he served as co-editor of the International Association of Genocide Scholars’ peer-reviewed Genocide Studies and Prevention, and was guest editor of the International Criminal Law Review special issue on “Armenian Genocide Reparations” (14:2, 2014), and the Armenian Review special issue on the “New Global Reparations Movement” (53:1-4, 2012).

  • Courses Taught
    • PH 100 Introduction to Philosophy
    • PH 102 History of Modern Western Philosophy, 1600-1800
    • PH 110 Critical Thinking
    • PH 115 Logic 1
    • PH 130 Ethics: Human Conduct and Values
    • PH 131 Medical Ethics
    • PH 163 Philosophy on Television
    • PH 180 Sports and Philosophy 
    • PH 190 Special Topic: Philosophy Through Fiction
    • PH 201 19th Century European Philosophy
    • PH 202 Selected Topic in 20th-21st Century Western Philosophy: Postmodernism
    • PH 221 Existentialism and Phenomenology
    • PH 241 Genocide and Human Rights
    • PH 242 Race, Nation, Class, Gender, and Sexuality
    • PH 251 Mass Violence Against Women
    • PH 263 Film and Philosophy
    • PH 264 Philosophy of Education
    • PH 290 Special Topic: Mass Violence and Justice
    • PH 290 Special Topic: Anarchist Theory
    • PH 301 Individual Figure in the History of Western Philosophy: Spinoza
    • PH 302 Topics in American Philosophy
    • PH 360 Philosophy of History
    Recent Publications

    “Difficult Dialogues: Perpetrators, Victims, Power, and the Legacies of Mass Violence,” in The Humanities and Healing (2014)

    “Repairing the Irreparable: ‘Impossible’ Harms and the Complexities of ‘Justice,’” in Prácticas Genocidas y Violencia Estatal: en Perspectiva Transdiscipinar (2014)

    “Hell Is for Children: The Impact of Genocide on Young Armenians,” in Genocide: A Critical Bibliographic Review, Vol. 10 (2014)

    “Reparations for Genocide: Group Harm and the Limits of Liberal Individualism,” International Criminal Law Review 14:2 (2014)

    “Yüzyl Türkiye’si İçin Ermeni Soykırımı Sorunu: Sorumluluk ve Çözüme Yönelik Tazmin” (“The Challenge of the Armenian Genocide for 21st Century Turkey: Responsibility and Reparation Toward Resolution”), Öncesi ve Sonrası Ile 1915: Inkâr ve Yüzleşme: Inkâr ve Yüzleşme Sempozyumu 24-25 Nisan 2010 (2013)

    “Shared Burdens and Perpetrator-Victim Group Conciliation,” in Genocide, Risk and Resilience: An Interdisciplinary Approach (2013)

    “Denial of Ongoing Atrocities as a Rationale for Not Attempting to Prevent or Intervene,” in Genocide: A Critical Bibliographic Review, Vol. 9 (2013)
    Honors and Grants
    Visiting Scholar, Australian National Research Council’s Centre of Excellence in Policing and Security, Griffith University Mt. Gravatt, Summer 2013.