Latino Education Institute

  • Research and Publications

    At the Latino Education Institute of Worcester State University, we aim to effect change through expanding the body of knowledge on Massachusetts’ growing Latino population by developing our research capacity. Our objectives include:

    • Creating links among scholars, policy experts, public officials, and community advocates.
    • Illuminating conditions and solving problems that affect Latinos.
    • Advancing the Latino intellectual presence in Worcester.
    • Increasing the availability of policy relevant Latino focused research with an emphasis on education.

    Worcester Mayoral Commission on Latino Education and Advancement

    The Worcester Mayoral Commission on Latino Education and Advancement's report "A Way Forward: Latino Youth and Families in Worcester" was the response to Worcester community concerns about opportunities for Latino families and equity in education. Mayor Joseph Petty appointed Luis G. Pedraja and Mary Jo Marion to lead a multisector effort resulting in this report that includes actionable recommendations to achieve equity in Latinx education. Pedraja and Marion built a commission that integrated representatives from public schools, higher education, community-based organizations, and community leaders.

    20 Años, 20 Stories

    In celebrating its 20 year anniversary, the Latino Education Institute presents 20 stories of achievement. The Institute, which reaches about 2,800 families and 768 students K-12, runs a plethora of programs supporting literacy, leadership, civic engagement, healthy living and violence prevention, and this is a collection of stories about the outcomes of a small handful of those who have been helped by LEI. Additionally, Clive McFarlane tells the story behind the creation of the Latino Education Institute.

    Voices of Latino Parents and Youth of Worcester Public Schools

    Over a 5 day period, the Latino Education Institute conducted interviews of parents, students, and community members to help understand what was important to include in the conversation around a new funding stream from the state to Worcester Public Schools through the Student Opportunity Act. The act provides an important opportunity to ensure equity, excellence and success for all communities.

    Study of Latino Male Education Outcomes

    A $200,000 grant from the Boston Foundation and Lloyd G. Balfour Foundation is underwriting the study “Pathways to Higher Education: Opportunities and Outcomes for Latino Young Men in Five Massachusetts Communities” by the LEI and Worcester State's Urban Studies Department. Urban Studies Department Chair and Assistant Professor Thomas Conroy, Ph.D., and LEI Executive Director Mary Jo Marión led the study. Visiting Assistant Professor of Urban Studies Timothy Murphy, Ph.D., and Assistant Professor of Sociology Francisco Vivoni, Ph.D., were Worcester State’s lead researchers and collaborated with other Worcester State professors and LEI staff. Their research focused on the target cities of Worcester, Lawrence, Boston, Springfield, and Holyoke.

    PDF icon In Search of Opportunity: Latino Men’s Paths to Post-Secondary Education in Urban Massachusetts (2016)

    Other Publications

    PDF icon Mayor's Commission on Latino Educational Excellence (2011)
    PDF icon Not Present, Not Accounted For: School Suspensions in Worcester (2013)
    PDF icon The Condition of Education for Latino Students in Springfield, Mass. (2009)