• Master of Science in Management

    The Master of Science in Management program at Worcester State University provides you with the theoretical and applied knowledge you need to excel in a highly competitive, rapidly changing business environment. It offers a high-quality education at a competitive cost.
    Geared toward working adults, our flexible program can be completed part-time. We also offer a 4-Plus option for our current undergraduate business administration majors that enable the undergraduate and graduate degree requirements to be completed in 5 years.
    You have the option to concentrate in either accounting, leadership, or marketing—and we offer you in-depth study in your area of specialization that reflects current thinking for the real marketplace.

    In small classes, our expert faculty use case studies, research projects, and analysis of management theories and concepts to ensure that you develop the competencies you need to advance your career. You’ll not only master your chosen content area, but you’ll also further develop your critical analysis abilities, creative problem-solving skills, ethical reasoning, technical proficiency, and global perspective.
    With specialized knowledge in their field and applied learning experience, our graduates have a competitive edge in today’s job market. They go on to find success in such roles as accountants, senior managers, marketing managers, research analysts, and brand managers.

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  • Admission Requirements

    In addition to the Graduate School’s general admission requirements, you must also:

    • Take the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) and have the results sent to the Graduate School
    • Submit 3 letters of recommendation from professors and/or supervisors

    If you have a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a cumulative 3.0 GPA from an accredited U.S. college or university, we will waive your GMAT requirement.

    Admission to this program is a rolling process, and applicants can take up to 6 credits prior to being accepted into the program.

    Prerequisite Requirements
    The following undergraduate prerequisites apply to all students entering the program:

    • Business Law
    • College Mathematics (intermediate college algebra or higher)
    • Communications
    • Computer Applications
    • Macroeconomics
    • Microeconomics
    • Statistics

    In addition to the above prerequisites, accounting concentration applicants must also complete additional undergraduate prerequisites:

    • 2 semesters of undergraduate accounting
    • Intermediate Accounting I
    • Intermediate Accounting II

    Marketing concentration applicants must also complete an additional undergraduate prerequisite:

    • Principles of Marketing
    Program Courses for All Students

    The M.S. in Management degree requires the completion of 36 credit hours of graduate courses. Students with a bachelor’s degree in business administration and a cumulative 3.0 GPA from an accredited U.S. college or university may waive 6 credit hours. A maximum of 2 of the following courses can be waived:

    • BA910 - Information Technology
    • BA912 - Marketing Management
    • BA914 - Organizational Behavior
    • BA915 - Corporate Finance

    A minimum grade of a B in prior courses is required for all waived and transferred courses. All waivers require the approval of the program coordinator.

    The curriculum is comprised of 8 core courses, 4 required courses in each concentration, and electives.

    Core Courses
    BA910 - Information Technology1
    BA911 - Accounting for Managerial Decisions2
    BA912 - Marketing Management1 4
    BA913 - Managerial Economics
    BA914 - Organizational Behavior1
    BA915 - Corporate Finance1
    BA916 - Quantitative Analysis and Research Methods
    BA990 - Integrative Business Strategy
    AC923 - Advanced Government and Nonprofit Accounting3

    1May be waived for students admitted with undergraduate GPA greater than 3.0 from an accredited U.S. college/university for students with business administration undergraduate majors. In consultation with the graduate coordinator, these students may choose to waive 2 of these 4 core classes.
    2May be waived for students in the accounting concentration.
    3May substitute for BA911 for students in the accounting concentration. However, AC923 is only offered if there is sufficient student demand for this course.
    4Students in the marketing concentration cannot waive this course.

    Accounting Concentration
    The M.S. in Management’s accounting concentration will not only help you advance your career, but also prepare you to sit for the certified public accountant exam.

    Our classes in taxation, accounting, auditing, and financial theory, and international finance will expand your knowledge of the important role accountants play in the business world and serve their communities. Completion of this concentration qualifies graduates to sit for the CPA exam—a valuable addition to a master’s degree from Worcester State University.

    Accounting Concentration Required Courses (12 credits)
    AC910 - Taxation of Individuals and Proprietors
    AC911 - Taxation of Corporations and Shareholders
    AC912 - Advanced Accounting Theory 
    AC913 - Advanced Auditing Theory and Practice

    Accounting Elective Courses
    AC920 - Advanced Problems in Accounting
    AC930 - Advanced Financial Theory
    AC932 - International Finance and Economics
    AC950 - Seminar Topics in Taxation
    AC951 - Seminar in Issues in Accounting Ethics
    Leadership Concentration
    The M.S. in Management program’s leadership concentration will give you the skills essential to effectively managing organizations of all types and sizes in today’s highly competitive environments.

    Through our courses in leadership theory, organizational development and change, and ethics and social responsibility, you’ll gain insights critical to developing processes and plans to position your organization for future growth. Our elective courses give you flexibility to explore leadership in small businesses or international organizations, motivation of teams, negotiating skills, and human resources issues.

    An important element of this concentration is our emphasis on applied learning. With guidance from the program coordinator, you will create a customized Action Learning Professional Leadership Project that complements your coursework and career aspirations.

    Leadership Required Courses (12 credits)
    BA960 -  Leadership Theory and Skills
    BA961 - Organizational Development and Change
    BA962 - Ethics and Social Responsibility of Leadership
    BA963 - Action Learning Professional Leadership Project

    Leadership Elective Courses
    BA970 - Seminar in Leadership
    BA971 - Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management
    BA972 - Motivation and Leadership of Teams
    BA973 - Leading in the International Business Environment
    BA974 - Negotiations
    BA975 - Leadership Perspectives of Human Resources and the Legal Environment
    BA976 - Selected Topics in Leadership

    Marketing Concentration
    The M.S. in Management’s marketing concentration will provide you with the analytical, technical, and conceptual knowledge and applications demanded by organizations to improve their positioning in today’s highly competitive marketplace.   

    Companies now have access to a wide variety of data and want to use predictive analysis for marketing planning. An essential element in this concentration is the emphasis on developing a proficiency in quantitative skills needed to use databases as well as conduct market research and consumer behavior analysis.

    Our classes in research methods, global marketing, consumer behavior, and more will arm you with the knowledge you need to develop, execute, and analyze marketing campaigns. You will distinguish yourself from the competition with a breadth of skills in market research, strategic planning, creative implementation, and campaign analysis.

    Marketing Required Courses
    BA920 - Global Marketing Management
    BA921 - Consumer Behavior
    BA922 - Research Methods for Marketing Decisions
    BA923 - Integrated Marketing Communications

    Marketing Elective Course
    BA924 - Sales Management