• Martin Fromm  

    Martin Fromm

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    Office Sullivan 327

    Ph.D., Columbia University
    M.A., Stanford University
    B.A., Brown University

  • Courses Taught
    • HI 104 World Civ II
    • HI 105 World Civ III
    • HI 236 Modern Far East History
    • HI 450 Special Topics in Asian History
    Honors and Grants
    "Invoking the Ghosts of Blagoveshchensk: Massacre, Memory, and the Post-Mao Search for Historical Identity.” Joseph Tse-hei Lee and Siu-Keung Cheung,, eds. China's Rise to Power: Conceptions of State Governance. Palgrave-MacMillan, November 2012.

    Book manuscript in progress, tentatively entitled Producing the Post-Mao Subject through “Wenshi Ziliao”: Memory, Healing, and Migration to Manchuria. It examines the politics of memories of early twentieth century migration to China's northeast border with Russia, formerly northern Manchuria, produced out of a state-sponsored oral history project in the early 1980s. It explores the ways in which the post-Mao state mobilized regional historical memory in a locally mediated process of national healing, reconciliation, and political re-consolidation during the early stages of post-socialist transition, and examines the processes by which a new post-Mao subjectivity was produced through memory construction.