• Meghna Dilip  

    Meghna Dilip

    Contact Information
    Office ST 410Q

    B.Sc., University of Madros, India
    M.Sc., Anna University, India
    M.S., Ph.D., University of Alabama

  • Courses Taught
    • CH 120/121 - General Chemistry I and II
    • CH 320 - Environmental Chemistry
    • CH 335 - Green Chemistry
    • CH 210 - Chemical Analysis
    Green Separation Systems - Aqueous Biphasic Systems (ABS)
    Aqueous Biphasic Systems are “green” separation systems prepared by salting-out a polymer or hydrophilic ionic liquid. We have demonstrated the partitioning and decolorization of indigo dyes in ionic liquid based aqueous biphasic systems. We have also shown quantitative partitioning of several toxic heavy metals. We continue to investigate the fundamental properties of these novel separation systems while demonstrating its applications in the field of environmental remediation.

    Determining “greenness” of household cleaners
    The goal of the project is to develop a scale of “greenness” that could eventually be applied across all commercial household cleaners currently available in the market. Standard environmental water tests to determine end-of life environmental impact in combination with material safety data sheets and adherence to green chemistry principles are being used to rank the cleaners.

    Development of Green Labs
    My educational projects include developing interdisciplinary undergraduate green chemistry laboratories.
    Honors and Grants