Continuing Education

  • Consider Your Next Step

    If you have years of work experience and want to advance your career with a bachelor’s degree, the Next Step Program at Worcester State University offers you an education pathway that validates your experiential learning, increases your earning potential, and enhances your effectiveness.

    With a bachelor’s degree, you will become more qualified for your job. Many jobs require specialized skills, knowledge, and practical training that only a college degree program can provide. You have gained many skills and knowledge on the job, and now it’s time for you to enhance that with collegiate experience.

    The program's 2-semester portfolio-development program will get you started. We also provide academic counseling and offer assistance in navigating systems such as financial aid and registration.

    Adult learners who completed this program have applied the course credits to degrees in public health, health education, sociology, computer science, and urban studies.

  • Portfolio Development Courses
    As a Next Step student, WSU’s experienced instructors will guide you in writing about the learning that you have acquired through your work, life, and volunteer experience. At the end of the process, you may receive up to 18 prior-learning credits, plus 6 credits for completing the 2 courses.

    This is a sizable shortcut in time and money for part-time, evening adult learners. Spending 2 semesters building your portfolio can help you realize all you’ve learned from experience. Reflecting on and integrating that practical learning with the theory in your field will boost your confidence in your academic abilities that will pay dividends for years to come.

    The courses give you an opportunity for self-assessment through critical reflection on your career and abilities, and give you valuable, caring feedback for planning your future. It also gives you an opportunity to connect and share experiences with local practitioners in your field. Students form a community of relationships over the course of the year together that often lasts beyond graduation from WSU.
    Admissions Process
    Acceptance to WSU through the first-year or transfer-student admission process is required to enroll in the Next Step Program.
    Next Step Scholarship
    The Next Step Program at Worcester State University has a small amount of scholarship funds to assist matriculated students in the program with the payment of portfolio fees. In addition, it may be possible for students to receive a small amount of assistance with tuition and fees if financial concerns are a barrier to completing a bachelor's degree. Funds are made available at the beginning of each fiscal year (July 1). Once the funds have been exhausted, no additional awards will be available until the following year.
    Students who would like to be considered for a Next Step Scholarship should speak with the next step coordinator. All students must submit a Next Step Scholarship Application Form and a personal statement to be considered for a scholarship. A committee reviews requests on a case-by-case basis.