• Occupational Therapy Applied Learning

    Fieldwork is an integral component of our rigorous occupational therapy curriculum. In the field, you’ll gain hands-on experience in a variety of real-world settings and learn what it means to be a competent and caring occupational therapist.

    As an undergraduate, your curriculum will include four Level I Fieldwork experiences that are linked to specific courses. As a graduate student in the Master of Occupational Therapy program, you will engage in two, 3-month Level II Fieldwork experiences—opportunities that often lead to permanent jobs. We have partnered with 250 diverse organizations to enable you to sharpen your skills and gain valuable experience and contacts. HIPAA training and certification for our students is provided by HIPAA EXAMS, Inc.

    Sample Fieldwork Settings:

    • Rehabilitation hospitals
    • Skilled nursing facilities
    • Acute care providers
    • School systems
    • Community-based settings

    We recognize student research at our annual Celebration of Scholarship and Creativity. Recent projects include:

    • The Factors that Lead to the Decision to Place a Loved One with Alzheimer’s Disease or Related Dementia into a Long-Term Care Facility
    • Adult Day Health Centers: Caregivers’ Perceptions
    • The Student-Athlete Perspective on the Implementation of Performance Patterns
    • The Influence of Popular Computer Activities on Musculoskeletal Pain and Computer Ergonomics
    • Outdoor Physical Activity and Life Satisfaction of College Students
    • Contribution of Leisure Activities to Quality of Life in Older Adults
    • Factors that Influence Elementary Educators’ Use of Sensory Strategies in the Classroom
    • The Effects of Fatigue on Daily Occupations of People with Multiple Sclerosis

    Occupational Therapy

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