• Philosophy Research

    Collaborating with your professors on research projects will reinforce classroom learning and expose you to best research practices. You’ll have the opportunity to join in faculty-led undergraduate research on a wide range of topics. Many of our students have presented their research at the Massachusetts Public Higher Education Undergraduate Research Conferences and at the annual WSU Celebration of Scholarship and Creativity. They also have published their work in academic journals. Recent projects include:

    • Precisionism: A Brief History and Comparative Application of Kant’s and Collingwood’s Aesthetic Philosophies
    • Philosophical Approaches to Language Use by Bilingual Students
    • Election 2016: Philosophical, Economic, and Political Approaches to the Complexities Beneath the Surface
    • Phenomenologies of Religious Beliefs
    • Exploring and Defining Black Identity in America Today
    • Inhibition of Nuance in a “Fast-Food Facts” World
    • PH 290: The Philosophy of Art – Final Creative Projects as Illustrations of Aesthetic and Creativity Theories
    Sullivan Academic Center
    Suite S-316