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Assessment and Planning Policy

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Worcester State University is dedicated to offering high quality undergraduate and graduate programs and to promoting the lifelong intellectual growth, global awareness, and career opportunities of its students. To assess and improve the quality of the student’s experiences, both in and out of the classroom, the University will conduct periodic measurements of student perceptions and intellectual growth, including studies of student attitudes, student academic achievement, student satisfaction, and personal, professional and career development.

The University will invite faculty, staff, students, alumni and community partners beyond Worcester State to participate in assessment activities in order to measure the effectiveness of achieving our institutional goals. Questions about the assessment process can be directed to the Office of Institutional Assessment and Planning.


a. What office/person will be responsible for overseeing that this policy is followed?
    i. Assistant Vice President for Assessment and Planning
b. How do you anticipate making sure that this policy is enforceable?
    i. The Assessment Committee will be notified of any issues