University Policies

Data-Freeze Policy

Academic Affairs
Institutional Assessment and Institutional Research

University data for the fall and spring semesters shall be frozen by the first Sunday following add/drop for the day semester.

a. What office/person will be responsible for overseeing that this policy is followed?
i. Director of Institutional Research will act as coordinator and UTS ensures implementation
b. How do you anticipate making sure that this policy is enforceable?
i. Data quality members must certify in writing, via email to the Director of IR, that the data under their stewardships has been fully reviewed (and as necessary remediated) to the best of their abilities.
ii. After the freeze date, data critical groups will be asked to remediate any errors identified by DHE's external audit systems within three business days. Institutional Research will coordinate such remediation efforts.

iii. Additional Information:
1. The Data Quality Committee will be informed of any needed remediation.
2. If necessary, specific issues of non-compliance may be brought to the Cabinet for resolution.
3. Institutional Research/University Technology Services will monitor compliance university-wide and provide tools/support as appropriate and necessary.