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DGCE Retention Policy

Graduate and Continuing Education
Graduate and Continuing Education

The Department will categorize its document types to ensure that the College’s data retention guidelines are in compliance with federal, state and local mandates.

All Document Types within the Department will be reviewed for compliance, at which time they will be available via the College’s electronic storage system. At such time the electronic versions will be considered ‘originals’ and the paper versions shredded.

As of April 13, 2009 the following Document Types will be kept as originals in electronic format only, for the period specified by existing Federal and State mandates: All Matriculated Graduate Student Files; All Graduate Applicant Student Files; All Graduate Program Completer Files; All Third Party Transcripts; All Contract Course Information; and all other files as deemed appropriate by the Associate Vice President for DGCE.

Exception: The College will retain paper/original documents for any matter that is "in controversy" (internally or externally) or that has concluded but subject to an appeal period.
See also “Institutional Data Classification” policy.