University Policies

Office Supplies Policy

Administration and Finance
Central Receiving

To obtain standard office supplies this centralized department of Administrative Services will procure office and administrative supplies to all College departments. Office and administrative supplies are defined by the Commonwealth as consumable office and micrographic supplies, for example: writing materials, desk-top commodities, file folders, paper products, including photocopy paper, etc. At no time will trust fund monies be used to procure coffee, creamers, and plastic utensils, kitchen paper products of any kind, sugars, or food of any kind. Expenditures for furnishings or equipment will require the use of FF or KK, object codes; all ink cartridges are procured through our IT department. All computer related purchases must be approved by IT prior to being procured; if you are considering any purchase of software, hardware or anything that could or will connect to a computer or the network, prior approval is required. Info Tech FIRST has created an easy to use form for submissions which can be found at; select "Technology Budget Approval Request" on the left of your screen.

Ordering supplies are to be done via e-mail by filling out a Requisition Form for Storeroom Supplies, and you will be directed electronically to the Storeroom. In most cases you will receive your supplies by the next business day. For those times you need an item immediately, walk-in service is provided during normal operating hours.
Items needed that are not on the Requisition Form for Storeroom Supplies and meet the criteria for an EE01 expenditure as defined by policy statement, will be ordered on an as need basis by the Supervisor of Administrative Services and forwarded to the department upon arrival. A justification is required for these procurements.
A justification as to why the standard stocked item does not meet your needs is done by completion of a Justification for Purchase Form to be found at the link above which is electronically emailed for review. If justification is accepted, the Supervisor of Administrative Services researches the item and purchases it from the vendor that offers the best price. If a compatible item is available for less, you will be notified and asked if the item will suit you needs. In the event the Supervisor of Administrative Services questions the validity of the request, you will be contacted to discuss the procurement personally.