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Contracted Work Policy

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Human Resources

Worcester State University is a public institution with a critical educational mission. Public dollars are used wisely and the university must be able to document and justify the time people spend on their jobs for the compensation paid. Therefore, the purpose and intent of this procedure is to ensure that Worcester State University faculty and staff place their primary focus on their jobs with the university and avoid conflict of interest or the appearance of the conflict of interest with their primary responsibilities( please see “ Ethics and Conduct” policy).

“Additional Employment” is considered a separate assignment within the university in addition to an employee’s regular full time job. Authorization for additional employment requires the following for all employees.
  1. All additional assignments must be approved by an employee’s supervisor and their Divisional Vice President. Signed advance approval on the appropriate form, usually the Commonwealth Standard Contract form, must be delivered to the office of Human Resources prior to the inception of the assignment.
  2. No additional assignments including credit or non-credit instruction, will be performed during the employee’s normal workday, unless prior supervisory approval is obtained, the employees schedule is adjusted so that missed work time is made up, and the adjusted schedule is filed in writing with Human Resources. It is very important that the employee's normal work schedule and the additional work schedule be carefully differentiated and documented .
  3. Fiscal authorization to incur expenditure for additional employment within the university is subject to department fiscal limitations.
  4. Upon the recommendation of one or more members of the Division VP's, the president may make exceptions to meet the needs of the university.