University Policies

Ergonomic Assessment Policy

Administration and Finance
Human Resources

To assure minimal risk of Worcester State University employees developing ergonomic related medical conditions.

Workers with computer stations, as well as workers that perform tasks of ergonomic concern such as frequent standing for long periods of time, lifting, pushing or pulling, need to be protected from injuries related to their duties. The Facilities Department will work to insure that all new construction or renovation plans include an awareness and understanding of ergonomic issues in the design of the projects.

The employee must notify their supervisor of any ergonomic concerns. The supervisor must notify Human Resources in writing. Human Resources will make a determination to call in an expert to conduct a Job Hazards Analysis. The expert will make recommendations to improve the ergonomic situation at the work site and to eliminate the hazards where possible or to minimize them through personal protective equipment or change in the design of the work station.
Certain conditions may require medical evidence and a declaration by the employee that they have a condition warranting consideration of an accommodation. Such initial evaluation would be at the expense of the employee seeking the relief with the University reserving the right to seek a second opinion at University expense.