University Policies

Harassment Prevention Policy

Administration and Finance
Human Resources

Worcester State University has a zero tolerance policy on workplace harassment of any kind between or among our employees. People should feel comfortable in coming to work without fear of being harassed in any way or of being retaliated against should they feel compelled to report incidents of harassment.

If an employee feels that they are being harassed they should document the incident in writing and share it with their immediate supervisor who will then make a report to Human Resources.
If the alleged harassment is coming from the immediate supervisor, the employee should move up the chain of command ultimately to the Divisional Vice President.
The incident will then be investigated to determine the nature and scope of the situation as well as the corrective action required to bring it to a halt and to determine what, if any, action should be taken against the perpetrator(s) of such harassment.
The investigation may include University Police if warranted or the Director of Diversity and Inclusion.
A full report of the results of any investigation will be made to the Divisional Vice President and the President along with the corrective action taken.