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Substance Abuse Policy

Administration and Finance
Human Resources

The use of illicit drugs and alcohol at the University workplace, on University property or at University activities impairs the safety and health of employees, lowers the productivity and quality of work performed by employees and undermines the public’s confidence in the University and its services. Only in an environment free of substance abuse can the college fulfill its mission of developing the professional, social, cultural and intellectual potential of each member of its community. For these reasons, it shall be the policy of Worcester State University that all University activities, University property and the Univeristy workplace shall be free of the unlawful possession or distribution of illicit drugs and alcohol. This substance abuse policy shall be provided to each employee of the Univeristy annually. Periodically the University shall evaluate the effectiveness of this policy and make any necessary amendments to enhance and improve the environment.


Help concerning drug and alcohol related problems is available from several sources. If you need assistance, or know of someone who needs help, or if you have questions concerning alcohol and drug abuse, you may contact in confidence any of the following:
  1. Director of Human Resources
    Worcester State University
    486 Chandler Street
    Worcester, MA 01602
  2. College Counseling/Health Service
    Worcester State University
    486 Chandler Street
    Worcester, MA 01602
  3. Department of Public Health
    Substance Abuse Division
    Information and Referrals
  4. Your health insurance provider