University Policies

Self-Service Time and Attendance Policy (SSTA)

Administration and Finance

Effective November 18, 2012, all administrative personnel (both union and non-union) are required to report their time and attendance electronically via the Commonwealth’s Human Resources/Compensation Management System (HRCMS) using Self-Service Time and Attendance (SSTA) according to the procedures set forth by the Office of the State Comptroller and the University.

  1. SSTA is a zero-based system. Correct payment depends on accurate and timely entry of attendance. If no time is reported during a given pay period, no pay will be generated.
  2. Clicking the “Submit” button on the electronic timesheet, as well as approving the timesheet, creates a permanent, official record of the Commonwealth which is subject to public record laws.
  3. Time approvers (supervisors) are responsible for ensuring that time is reported for all employees who report to them, for ensuring that the reported time depicts an accurate record of attendance for each employee, and for approving that time.