University Policies

Adding to the Vendor Database Policy

Administration and Finance

In order to process a requisition/purchase order or encumbrance, a vendor must be in active status in the Colleague or MMARS database. Prior to any additions to either database, the Procurement Office staff require a completed W-9 from the vendor; a determination is made from this documentation for tax reporting purposes. The Federal tax ID number is required for all vendors and Government types while a Social Security Number is required for a 1099 or miscellaneous vendor.

The Procurement Office is responsible for maintaining its own the vendor file. The system automatically assigns a seven digit vendor number for all new vendors. This number then uniquely represents that vendor for all areas within the College’s Colleague Financial system.

When creating a vendor in MMARS the rules and regulations of the Commonwealth prevail.

ARRA specific vendors’ W-9s must include, and be reviewed for, the DUNS number, and the four (4) digit extension to zip codes.