University Policies

Fuel Card Policy

Administration and Finance

The PHH Araval cards shall be used for all fuel purchases for University owned vehicles; these cards are accepted at over 160,000 fuel stations.

Each Department will be designated a number of fuel cards based on the need of the department and can be requested by the head of the department by e-mailing the request to Nicole LeBlanc at

Each department is to submit the name of contact person/persons that will be designated as the card administrator for their area. This person will maintain the sign in/out sheet and receipts for the fuel cards in that department

Cards need to be kept in a locked location at all times when not in use, and no longer to be kept in the glove compartment of the vehicle.

Departments will have two options for designating the PIN# for the fuel cards based on their needs. The first option is to have a departmental PIN # for the use of the fuel cards. The second option is assigning the PIN# to an individual in that department. If the option to assign the PIN# to the individual is chosen a request for PIN # must be on the forms provided. Forms must be signed off by the head of that department and requests are sent to the Purchasing department via inter-office mail.

All Users need to sign fuel cards in and out. When signing the cards back in the user must submit a receipt for the fuel purchase. Departments may have two different signatures on the sign in/out sheet based on shift changes during the workday.

A copy of the invoice will be sent to the departments on a monthly basis for the budget manager to sign off on. The designated card manager should match up the invoice and receipts to the sign in/out sheet and send all documents to the Accounts Payable Office at the end of the month.

A sign in/out sheet will be provided electronically to the designated card managers for each of the individual cards that can be changed to reflect the current month and then printed off.

Instructions for using the Fuel Cards 
  1. Swipe the PHH Co-Brand card as instructed.
  2. Enter PIN # that has been assigned to you or your department.
  3. Enter mileage of vehicle when prompted.
  4. Begin fueling.
  5. Collect receipt at end of transaction.
  6. Submit receipt when signing fuel card back in.

Prompts will vary by supplier.